Dell explains Linux delays

Dell explains Linux delays

Summary: Language, driver and training considerations are behind Dell's decision to limit the launch of pre-installed Linux to the US, the PC manufacturer claims

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Dell has revealed the reasons behind its decision to delay the availability of Linux sold in the UK. 

The PC manufacturer is rolling out a number of models with pre-installed Ubuntu Linux later this month. But initially those models will only be available to customers based in the US.

It emerged early on Thursday that UK customers would not be offered pre-installed Ubuntu for the time being. Later in the day, Dell's EMEA director of client marketing, Eric Greffier, elaborated further. Speaking to ZDNet UK he suggested that the greatest volume of responses to its Linux survey had come from the US, but he also pointed to wider considerations.

"We can't just look at the commercial view," said Greffier. "The challenge behind Linux is about support. In the US, they are going to do it on one product, in one language. We have to have the right troubleshooting scripts translated into [many more] languages." He also cited driver certification and training as further reasons to delay pre-installed Linux.

"We are adjusting the roadmap for the rest of the world, but this has just not been announced yet," Greffier added.

Topic: Hardware

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  • I support Dell

    It is very rare that I offer my support for Dell but I certainly do here. Offering Linux is a massive step in the right direction and issues such as the ones highlight in the story are expected.

    While this is a move that could of perhaps been done 2 to 3 years ago at-least we got there!
  • If only the Brits spoke the same language as the Americans !

    If only the Brits spoke the same language as the Americans !
    then they would have had linux on their Dell.

    And then there is the issue of support ! Where else could one found support for linux, if not with Dell ????
  • hmmm

    i have linux installed on a Dell in the UK (shock! horror!)

    What's more it installed without the need for additional drivers unlike Windows which doesn't recognise anything (sound, network, graphics, usb, etc etc).

    Not only that it boots up quicker is better and has loads of free software.

    So, why keep Windows? One thing, games software. I doubt no one would disagree that Linux doesn't have enough commercial games, and yes Linux does have wine but its only an emulator and whilst I lot of things run there are problems

    So the only thing I use Windows for is games, anything else I use Linux. As for Dell Support - ha! What support? All they do is read things from a script. Prove it, just ring them up and tell them what the problem is, tell them you already ran a diagnostics, that you rebooted the PC 100000 times already, uninstalled everything, reinstalled everything and then listen to them flounder... works for us everytime and they always replace the offending part without a whimper.