Do BT customers get satisfaction?

Do BT customers get satisfaction?

Summary: Following a drubbing by members of a consumer advocacy group, BT says its own research shows much higher levels of broadband customer satisfaction

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BT has hit back at a major survey which suggested only 34 percent of its home broadband users are "very satisfied" with the service.

The survey, carried out by the consumer advocacy group Which in April, covered a variety of broadband offers and found Zen Internet, Global and Waitrose to be the best-rated by customers.

Larger Internet service providers (ISPs) did not fare as well — only a quarter of AOL's customers were "very satisfied", as were just a fifth of NTL's subscribers. Which conducted the survey by questioning 15,693 of its members about their ISPs' speed, reliability, service, support and ease of setup.

But BT has pointed to its own monthly survey of 1,500 BT Total Broadband subscribers, which found that 52 percent were very or extremely happy in April.

BT also noted that 70 percent of the surveyed customers (including those who said they were merely satisfied) were willing to recommend BT Total Broadband to others.

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"If you combine this with the recent Epitiro study it is kind of at odds with the Which results," BT's spokesperson told ZDNet UK on Monday.

BT also suggested that the Which results were "maybe something to do with the fact that they're surveying Which members — maybe that represents a different demographic".

The Epitiro study, which dealt with ISP performance but did not include any references to customer satisfaction, came under criticism for its methodology, particularly its selection of ISPs for rating.

Another survey, released in May, preceded Which's current report in giving BT and NTL a bad rating for customer service.

Topic: Networking

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  • Isn't this poll a little bias, there are two options

    1. Yes, I've got no complaints
    2. I can't get no satisfaction

    Number 2 is a double negative therefore, in the poll you have two options, i'm hapy or i'm happy.
  • Of course BT is going to wheel out its own survey indicating better results because it wants to try and promote itself as a better organisation than it actually is.

    "Which" is a far more stringent test than the majority of tests out there and, unlike the Epitiro "study", is not biased. So to do well in a Which study is indeed a sign of achievement. To get slated in a Which study is a sign you are truly well short of the mark. And in my experience BT often comes up well short of the mark.

    Wake up and live in the real world. BT has a long way to go before it achieves organisational excellence.
  • The problem is not BT the problem is that bunch that have shifted the support to India ie Yahoo got to be the single biggest mistake in the history of Broardband BT getting together with Yahoo .

    Get Yahoo and there overseas help lines out of the equation and you will have a good service again ..

    Keep Yahoo in the picture and the service will continue down hill, Having tried to deal with the tech support lines to find myself talking to someone that could hardly understand English and only knew a few words like open windows start then control panel ( Errr scuse me i dont use windows ) open control panel Are you thick listen to me I Do NOT USE Windows this went on for about 10 mins till i told him to reconnect me to someone in London and got the problem solved in seconds ..
  • BT - The product is fine. However, I can provide nearly all of my own technical support...
  • BT is appalling. We moved house and have a home based business so we gave BT 10 days notice to move our broadband service as it is esstential. Two weeks after moving in we are still not connected and we just keep getting pushed around from one person to another - who all seem to be in India. The UK customer services don't want to know.
  • Will Bt bever listen to us, the customer? I recently had to call the Broadband talk helpline. Surprise, it was in In India and the very nice lady on the phone knew nothing about it! She put me on hold and came back with the answer that the UK server was down and would be for the next few weeks and therefore no-one's braodband talk would work. "Goodbye and thankyou for calling BT." A call via the operator to a British call centre and the problem was sorted in two minutes.