Don't take my iGoogle away!

Don't take my iGoogle away!

Summary: Google is planning on taking down iGoogle Web portal next year and I don't like it one little bit.


Once upon a time, the 90s, Web portals were all the rage. Everyone had to have one the same way everyone today has to have a cloud. Like most such technology fads it ran its course. That doesn't mean, that the idea of a Web portal—a single Web page from which you could get to all your most important Web applications, information and sites—was a bad idea. Indeed, when they were well done such as with Google's iGoogle the page can become your home page for the Internet. But, now Google wants to take our iGoogle away from us.! No!!

Google claims that “ With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding down iGoogle on November 1, 2013, giving you a full 16 months to adjust or easily export your iGoogle data.”

I disagree. Yes, I appreciate having over a year before the desktop version disappears. Yes, I could use Web and mobile apps to get what I want. Yes, I know my data will be safe on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Finance, Google Docs (now Google Drive),Google Bookmarks, and Google Task. So what! I want a single Web page where I can find all of them with no fuss or muss. In short, I want iGoogle.

Google seems to think that Web portals are old hat. They're not. They may no longer be fashionable, but they're still darn useful. I moved to iGoogle in 2005 and I've never looked back. IGoogle is my default Web page. I have over a dozen computers and laptops. On each and every one of them iGoogle is the first thing I see when I turn any Web browser on.

I'm not the only person who feels that way. I know many other technology writers such as Joel Mathis and Barbara Krasnoff don't want to say good-bye to iGoogle. We're not technologyl luddites. We just like what works. Some people have even set up a petition to keep iGoogle alive.. I'm number 2,088 on the petition.

Why do I feel so strongly about iGoogle? Because it's so darn useful. It's my quick, one top for my e-mail, information, documents, weather, news, and . One of my favorite sayings, and pieces of technology advice is “If it's not broke, don't fix it.”

Google, iGoogle isn't broke, don't fix it, don't get rid of it.

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  • It's all in Chrome already

    It appears that most of the conveniences of iGoogle are now built into Chrome itself, as long as you sign in. Within Chrome, Google+ adds deeper levels of customization and social connectivity.

    iGoogle was an odd name to have around in the first place; with the "i" many might think Apple had something to do with it.

    Yahoo and MSN still maintain their web portals, if you prefer.
    Tech watcher
    • iGoogle has more than one use

      I use iGoogle to aggregate gadgets that display company sales, production, and safety data. These numbers are pulled from an internal ERP system and placed into Google gadgets at regular intervals. I "send tab" to colleagues and they are free to rearrange and/or delete sections not important to them. The beauty of this system is they can have the year-to-date budget data running beside the weather etc.

      Just because "Web portals" are dying doesn't mean personalized dashboards for Google Apps-driven data should be thrown out with the concept. This kind of mixed-use functionality is not replicated in Chrome nor MSN nor Yahoo!
      • A replacement is nice, but i'm expecting an UPGRADE

        Well, a replacement would be nice indeed, but it can’t really match the original iGoogle and doesn’t really add value to your startpage... I feel it’s somehow a downgrade from the original iGoogle.

        You you will enjoy the change, I felt a real Upgrade after I start using

        It has a beautiful interface, you will love it!
        George Oneday
    • iGoogle

      Chrome users are tech savvy whixh is why you can say that. iGooglew is for ppl like me. Keep iGoogle!!
    • It is not in Chrome already, that is why Igoogle is so useful.

      Igoogle is a one page home page where everything is displayed on that page that I want WITHOUT having to click to another page. I already tested google chrome's substitutes and they suck. All require me to click and leave my homepage to view what I want and then come back to my homepage after a few more clicks. A waste of time. I'd rather use 'myyahoo' as my homepage at least it functions sort of like igoogle. Just not as clean and neat.
      Gary Jaron
      • Igoogle

        Amen! One page for frequently used links, news, weather, email accounts everything...I am really bummed as I can't find anything else to change to--Chrome IS NOT the same set up
    • It most certainly is NOT in Chrome already.

      Chrome can't build me a single-pane view page with all my RSS feeds, site widgets, internally developed apps, etc.
    • It's not all in Chrome already...

      ...and if it was you get the other 9 yards with it which is what the law suit is about. Many feel liberated now that they have there 15 minutes of fame as as author hanging their laundry out on display in the front yard for all to view with this social networking nonsense not realizing in the future when we catch up with the rest of the world, and we will, all will be forced to adopt and use only a C.V., a Curriculum Vitae for employment purposes. This will all come back to haunt participants on twitter, Facebook, and others.
      J. McDonald
    • It's not in Chrome

      There is nothing in Chrome that aggregates tech reviews, industry blogs, G-Mail, G-Talk, etc. in a single page that fits to my 27" monitor. There are far too few widgets on my android tablet to compare to the info I get at a glance on my iGoogle page.
      What, is it the "i" that gets google tense (I know they're on the outs with their Apple contract), fine call it a Dashboard. That's what it is anyways. Dashboards are still cool, right? My CRM application has new feeds, graphs and other errata, and everyone loves them.

      Let's re-brand it as "G-Dash"
    • little web apps aren't all that!!!

      All that is well and good but I don't want to belong to another social networking group. Not everything is about social networking. I get my news, weather, and a daily crossword puzzle on my personal homepage...which is just for me and my convenience...I tried going with the app thing and I had all these little things up in the right hand corner of my screen and all sorts of notifications when a piece of news came confusing and annoying is that...please don't take my igoogle away...
      Maryann Rizer-Andrade

      I always like igoogle.. this is one of the best portal on the net. now as it is closing down i searched so many alternatives and most of them are just crap...i found below one which i think is next igoogle replacement.... is one of the best igoogle alternative, it is wonderfully designed and have almost all the feature that igoogle have.

      - Change Theme
      - Add Gadgets
      - Add RSS Gadget
      - Developers can create themes and gadget and submit it like igoogle.
      - Current igoogle themes and gadgets will work on so that compatibility is there. It means the gadget which is running on can run on, similarly you can use igoogle themes on

      You might have tried many igoogle alternative but stands best among all those are currently present out there.
      Raj Janorkar
      • Import?

        How do I import my iGoogle pages/feeds? I've used the tool, but it doesn't seem to work.
  • It appears that Google just threw their users under a shuttlecraft

    Though I feel if you search, you will find a sutable replacement amoung similar portals out there.
    Tim Cook
    • Just say "energize"

      And our resident fake alien will transport you a new one.

    • Nicely done

      +1 for your comment.
      +1 for using it on an SJVN post.
      +1 for hooking CaviarBlack.
    • seriously?

      If you find a ONE page solution that does everything that my iGoogle page and tabs do, please, let me know. I'm searching right now, and so far there's a bunch of Chrome gadgets and crap, but no cohesive way to put them TOGETHER.
  • No problem, todd's bottom

    Otherwise who else would entertain Wilie Farrel's sock puppet.

    Or is Spocky Wocky YOUR sock puppet.

    • Come on Jumping Jack Flash

      How many people are you going to claim I am?

      Ron Burgundy?, Scorpio Blue?, Caviar Black?, Jumping Jack Flash?, General Zodd?
      William Farrel
      • Alle of 'em, Wilie :)

        They all seem to be around whenever you're around.

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