Dotcom promises 50GB for every user on Mega

Dotcom promises 50GB for every user on Mega

Summary: As the launch of his new cloud storage service draws near, Kim Dotcom is promising users who sign up to Mega 50GB of free storage each.

TOPICS: Cloud, Security

Outspoken Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has teased some of the features of his new cloud storage service Mega, just days out from launch.

The teaser page for Mega.
(Screenshot by Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

Late last year, Dotcom outed his plans for a new cloud storage site, which would be "bigger, better, faster, stronger, [and] safer" than the original, to be launched on the 20th of January — the one-year anniversary of his arrest and the shutdown of Megaupload by US authorities.

With preparations underway for the launch, Dotcom has revealed some of the planned features, including giving 50GB of free storage to every user.

Dotcom tweeted that he was also looking to give former Megaupload premium users a premium status on Mega, but he said that lawyers had advised him that it was not possible. He also asked the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help Megaupload users get access to their files on Megaupload.

Dotcom was originally going to use the URL for the storage site, but shortly after the announcement, the government of Gabon objected to the use of the domain. Dotcom then said that New Zealand will be the home of Mega, with registered through Melbourne-based domain registrar Instra.

"New Zealand will be the home of our new website:," Dotcom tweeted. "Powered by legality and protected by the law."

Dotcom also said that he would be ordering servers in Germany, where "they don't do the puppet dance for the White House."

Topics: Cloud, Security


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  • 50GB free for every user

    And 50GB of data confiscated by the US DOJ
    • So

      the US DOJ took your data, where, why?
    • Always look forward to

      the Tin Hat crowd checking in.
  • Hmm

    I don't think a URL that when spoken as though it were written phonetically says "Mega Cons" is the best idea for ole Kim.
    • Hah

      Well spotted!
      Josh Taylor
  • Woo!... Hang on Adrive has offered that for ages...

    They've also now included iOS and android apps for basic(free) users and online document editing... the only registration info is an email address; I have three accounts that store compressed and split system images. What more do we get here?
  • Dotcom

    I don't think I'd be willing to let him manage my pocket fluff collection, much less anything else that's more important.
    M.R. Kennedy
  • This fills a need. I'm onboard.

    I've been moving toward client-side-encryption based cloud storage. I think this do nicely.

    Could the Feds take it down? Well, the US Gov could inappropriately take action against any legal cloud service. That risk is borne no matter where you store your data. I can't stop my government from making choices that violate the spirit + letter of the law. I can, however, align my interests with those who stand against that.

    Encrypting data before it's uploaded should have already been the standard for upload services. Dotcom's service is simply filling the obvious need and would be by default, superior.
    beau parisi