Dropbox lures Python creator away from Google

Dropbox lures Python creator away from Google

Summary: The creator of the Python programming language is moving away from Google and over to Dropbox.


Dropbox might have just scored a major win against Google -- at least as far as personnel goes.

The cloud storage provider just hired Guido Van Rossum, creator of the Python programming language.

Dropbox confirmed the news in a blog post on Friday, as founder and CEO Drew Houston explained that Python has played a major role at his company

Several years earlier, Python became my favorite programming language because it had a balance of simplicity, flexibility, and elegance. These qualities of Python, and the community’s work to support every major platform, let us write the code just once before running it everywhere. They have also influenced our greater design philosophy at Dropbox as we set out to build a simple product that brings your life together.

Van Rossum has been at Google since 2005, most recently serving as a senior staff software engineer.

The computer programmer also mentioned the news on his Google+ page, noting that today is his last day with the Internet giant. Emphasizing his relationship with Google as amicable, Van Rossum described, "We're parting as the best of friends."

Image via Guido van Rossum's Google+ profile

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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've just said goodbye to the programming language I've been using for at least 25 years in various incarnations (Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Modula-2, Delphi Object Pascal) and begun learning Python. Now Guido's going to be fiddling with Dropbox all day? I hope this doesn't affect Python development. :-(