Ellison's take on Apple, Google: Is he right?

Ellison's take on Apple, Google: Is he right?

Summary: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison maintains Google is evil and says Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs. Discuss.

TOPICS: Oracle, Apple, Google

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison ripped Google and specifically CEO Larry Page over Android and allegedly stealing code and added that Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs. Ellison also hinted that Apple won't nearly be as successful with Tim Cook at the helm.

In both cases, the ever-quotable Ellison, speaking to CBS This Morning, is likely to spur a good bit of debate. Regarding Android, much of the Oracle vs. Google battle has played out in the courtroom. Google appears to have the win. Ellison said:

"Larry ... makes the decisions over there. He runs that company. ... And they decided, let me be very clear ... When you write a program for the Android phone, you write it. You use the Oracle tool, Oracle Java tools, for everything. And at the very end, you press a button and said, 'Convert this to android format.'"

The Google banter is likely to be dismissed as Ellison being a poor loser.

Regarding Apple, Ellison's comments are notable. Ellison was a close friend of Steve Jobs, sits on Apple's board and is saying publicly what a lot of folks fear. Can Apple be successful without Jobs? Ellison's comments aren't that shocking. "I'm not shorting Apple. I like Tim Cook. I think there are a lot of talented people there. ... But Steve is irreplaceable," Ellison said.

The reality is that it may be too early to make that call on Apple. Time will tell whether the new normal for Apple will translate into new product categories. As usual, Ellison is one of the few people in tech who will say out loud what people are thinking.

Topics: Oracle, Apple, Google

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  • Spot on

    What he said. Talk amongst yourselves.
  • Load of rubbish...

    Can I remind you that Larry said 2 years ago that the Cloud was pie in the sky and it was going no where.

    Now Oracle are playing catch up.
    • Same with Microsoft

      Its funny how all these tech brains get things completely wrong. I believe they had no vision for the Cloud and let others chart the course and then jumped on when they realized the benefits of the financial model. Both Microsoft and Oracle are now embracing the Cloud. No surprise there.
  • Obviously the opposite is true...

    You haven't had anything right.

    1. Google doesn't have to steal. And has never stolen - as shown by the courts. Oracle just tried to lie to a judge that knew better.
    2. Apple needs another product genius that can recognize good things.
    • Hmmm...

      What is it Google said ... ah I remember now;

      Do no evil!

      They are all as bad as each other.
      • Exactly

        Tech companies are like politicians. They are always trying to convince you that they are in the right and everyone else is trying to railroad them.
        • agreed

          agreed but still google is evil for sure. oracle, Apple, Sony, MS all do their job but google is the one copies and shows as its own stuff. Android has so many law suits than any other OS. i have seen this mail as well. Any feature comes in hot mail is copied to gmail in a week and many people who uses gmail alone thinks WOW.
          • LMAO!!

            Who copied Google Maps genius (and failed miserably I may add)? They all copy each other. Wise up!
          • Google steals

            remember Mapquest?
      • "Do no evil!"

        And they don't. Look at Microsoft, Apple and Oracle, yes, Oracle. See what it means to do evil?
    • I thought it was you that said a court judgement isn't an indicater

      of whether an actual crime was commiter or not, it just means that it can't be proven that an actuall crime was commited. You know the fact that a person was never caught speeding doesn't mean he never speeds scenerio.

      I believe you said that about a past MS court victory or two, am I right, or confussing you with someone else?
      William Farrel
  • lol @ poor loser

    wish i were a poor loser like him
    • Have you gotten better...

      with losing over time? Poor losers don't lose often... hence why they are poor losers.
  • Google is Evil

    That is the pot calling the kettle black!
  • Maybe Larry is warming up to buy Apple like he did Sun

    After his Steve Jobs bromance announcement earlier today and now this, Larry seems obsessed with Apple. No doubt he wants to get his hands on their cash...
    • Try again...

      Not happening! Ever. Where did you come up with that?
    • strike that, reverse it

      ((( "Maybe Larry is warming up to buy Apple like he did Sun" )))

      Apple's market valuation is 3x that of Oracle.
  • Is the Pope Catholic?

    What I cannot understand is why ZDNET does not treat MSFT, APPL, GOOG et al executives with the utmost contempt ... as you would criminals ... for their manifest exploitations and frequent convictions for unlawful dealing. And at the head is always a quintessentially exploitative leader.
    • What did they do wrong?

      Be more specific Dokie. Its easy to throw out accusations but just a bit more difficult proving them. Tell us all about the "frequent convictions for unlawful dealing". Enlighten us.
  • go Larry go

    We need to remember wht he said abt the cloud computing..... Lets nt take him serious...lol
    Vijayaraj Balakrishnan