Elop unveils Nokia Windows Phone in leaked video

Elop unveils Nokia Windows Phone in leaked video

Summary: A video has been leaked online showing a Nokia conference at which chief executive Stephen Elop unveils the first Nokia-made Windows Phone, currently codenamed Sea Ray.The Hungarian technology site technet.

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A video has been leaked online showing a Nokia conference at which chief executive Stephen Elop unveils the first Nokia-made Windows Phone, currently codenamed Sea Ray.

The Hungarian technology site technet.hu posted the video on Thursday, saying it had been emailed to the site by an unknown source. The video shows Elop, apparently addressing Nokia employees, asking them to all turn off any cameras or recording devices and then showing off the handset, which is almost identical to the MeeGo-powered N9.

With the screen turned off, the main difference between the N9 and Sea Ray is the latter's dedicated camera shutter button. It was not immediately obvious what Nokia enhancements were shown on the underlying implementation of the 'Mango' Windows Phone OS.

As Elop refers to the N9 launch occurring within the previous 48 hours, the video is likely to have been shot on Wednesday. It does not appear to be an amateur shoot, rather resembling a copy of the live video feed that might have been displayed behind speakers on the stage.

After Sea Ray had been demonstrated, Elop gave his employees a speech about excitement and innovation, also noting that it was important for Nokia workers to have "open dialogues, where we're challenging each other".

"The pain we suffered a few weeks ago about the earnings release would not have happened if the people in this company had shared the bad news earlier. It was completely avoidable and yet people were afraid to talk about the issues," Elop said, referring to the sudden drop in Nokia's share price after the company admitted it wouldn't make any profits this quarter.

He went on to say it was "the beginning of a new season at Nokia", suggesting that "the capabilities of the mighty Nokia are shifting around".

"There's a few competitors of ours in California that we'd very much like to notice this as well," Elop added.

Topic: Telcos

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  • Here's my own theory on this: Nokia unveiled the N9; people were unexpectedly enthusiastic about it; Nokia top brass hurriedly leaked this video to try and steer people back onto the Nokia Windows Phone thought track. Any other theories?
    David Meyer
  • David - I absolutely agree with your theory - while reading the article, before getting to the comments, I had already come to the same conclusion. I also agree with you about the most obvious indication of this, the quality of the video is far too good to have been taken secretly by someone in the room.

    One other thing jumps out at me. I have never seen a CEO who berates his employees in general terms as much as Elop does. How many times has he called them "lazy", "unfocused", "lacking in communication" and generally blamed the Nokia employees for the companies failures?

    I am still convinced that before he is done with that company, it will be "Nokia, A Division of Microsoft".

  • @David

    I think you could be right. Does he really want it to succeeed?
    It's rich him talking about the "pain we suffered" when he caused most of it with his "burning platform" speech which is cursing Symbian sales which were doing well at the time he declared to carriers and customers that the platform was dead in February and that the transition for loyal Symbian developers (Qt on MeeGo) was dead as well. So much selling 150 million more Symbian devices. Oh, you're allowing Symbian to continue to 2016 now? Too late!

    Tomi Ahonen is very good on theories and in particular the mentality of Elop:
    His posts for June 10 and in particular June 8 are steaming. He's been quite on the N9 but it will be a cracker when he writes about it.
  • If I'm right, Nokia is trying to poison its own product. See also: http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/communication-breakdown-10000030/nokias-worst-nightmare-a-successful-meego-n9-10022785/

    Can anyone think of another example of a company doing something like this? I find it quite extraordinary.
    David Meyer
  • This is certainly the perfect time to do it. They have already told the world that sales suck, all profit forecasts are off for the rest of the year. So why not go ahead and kill the unwanted product, take the lumps now, and use them as even more justification for why Microsoft is the One True Path for Nokia?

  • Maybe the N9 should nicknamed Nokia 9 Lives, as the essence of Nokia seemed to have found its Nineth Life. From Nokia 'Nokia' point of view, Windows Phone 7 System is likely seen in the same context as Malware.