EMC buys some parts of SourceLabs

EMC buys some parts of SourceLabs

Summary: The storage giant EMC has acquired some parts of SourceLabs but is not specifying exactly which parts of the open-source software business it now owns


EMC on Monday confirmed it has acquired some parts of the business of SourceLabs, which provides support services for Linux and open-source Java development.

While the storage specialist did tell ZDNet UK that it had bought "some of the assets of SourceLabs", it would not say exactly which parts it now owned or what it planned to do with them. However, it did say the acquired assets would operate as a "standalone business".

EMC did not give details of the purchase price or the timeframe of the acquisition.

The aim is for the SourceLabs assets to work within the overall cloud infrastructure business at EMC, the company said.

Seattle-based SourceLabs, which operates the open-source community Swik.net, was founded by former employees from Microsoft and BEA Systems. Bruce Perens, the co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, worked at the company from 2005 to late 2007. In 2006, SourceLabs raised a $7m (£4.7m) venture round of funding from Ignition Partners, Madrona Venture Group and Index Ventures.

The move is another open-source buy for EMC, which purchased Pi Corp last year. Pi, along with Mozy, is now part of EMC's Decho business and makes up EMC's open-source portfolio.

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  • EMC and SourceLabs update

    We recieved the following update drom SourceLabs which was keen to point out that "SourceLabs continuing to operate as a 'standalone business', meant that SourceLabs continues as a standalone company, but that it sold parts of its assets to EMC, which will operate them inside its Cloud Infrastructure Business".
    Which is more or less what we wrote but Source Labs was keen on the update anyway.
    Colin Barker