EnterpriseDB's Tom Kincaid - why did SalesForce.com hire PostgreSQL expert?

EnterpriseDB's Tom Kincaid - why did SalesForce.com hire PostgreSQL expert?

Summary: EnterpriseDB's Tom Kincaid discusses why Salesforce.com hired Tom Lane, well-known contributor in the PostgreSQL community. It could mean many things. What's clear is that Salesforce.com is embracing the open source database for a very large, enterprise-class workload.

TOPICS: Open Source

Tom Kincaid, EnterpriseDB's Vice President, Products and Engineering, and I enjoyed a 30 minute conversation about Salesforce.com's recent moves to embrace the PostgreSQL open source database. We discussed what the move towards PostgreSQL could mean.

The discussion started with the fact that Salesforce.com has hired a top PostgreSQL community contributor, Tom Lane, and the fact that late last year, Salesforce.com posted a job ad for 40-50 PostgreSQL experts to help build out what was described as "core systems."  Kincaid pointed out that EnterpriseDB employs about a half-dozen key contributors to PostgreSQL.

Here are a few thoughts from the discussion:

  • Salesforce.com, although a major use of Oracle's database and development software, wants to have a viable alternative. Companies that have a viable alternative can often negotiate better pricing and business terms than those who don't. Bob Young, former CEO of Red Hat, called this the "Red Hat Discount."
  • Salesforce, for strategic reasons, wants a second source for important technology. Being reliant on a single source can cause problems. If one source offers better technology at a specific point in time, Salesforce.com's development efforts can take advantage of that technology.
  • Salesforce.com wants to contribute to the PostgreSQL community and also to help guide the direction of the open source project.

It was a very interesting discussion. I hope I have the opportunity to speak with the good Mr. Kincaid in the future.

Topic: Open Source


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  • Open-source PostgreSQL rocks

    It's great to see an up and coming company like salesforce.com pick it up and pitch in.

    P.S. PostGIS also rocks if one needs the capability for spatial data management and analysis.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Tom isn't just a contributor.

    Tom Lane isn't just a contributor to the PostgreSQL project, he's pretty much the top gun and has been with the project since it's start. So Salesforce hiring him means a LOT. Welcome aboard SF!
    Scott Marlowe