Essential gadgets for summer travels

Essential gadgets for summer travels

Summary: What are some of the best gadgets to have in your backpack this summer?


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  • A spare phone

    Sometimes on your travels, it can be difficult to find a place to charge your smartphone — and in case of emergencies, this kind of communicative gadget can be essential.

    SpareOne is an emergency phone that can be run on a single AA battery for up to ten hours of use — without a SIM card. The phone covers both GSM frequencies, and a local SIM can be used to help you avoid high roaming charges. In addition, the mobile comes with a handy torchlight. 

    A SpareOne mobile will set you back $99.99. 

    Via: SpareOne 

  • A portable camping stove

    Although I'm more of a beach and city person, for those of us who like backpacking and hiking, a portable camping stove is a great addition.

    The BioLite Camping stove weighs 935g and is able to cook, heat and charge your electronic devices on the go using little more than fauna around you — including wood shavings and twigs. An internal fan generates airflow which then combines with a fuel chamber to create a fire, and this can be converted to electricity using a power module stored within a lithium-ion battery to charge gadgets including smartphones.

    The stove costs £149.99 ($230).

    Via: Firebox

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  • cooking by rats

    err, I think i'd be more comfortable using local flora as fuel, rather than fauna..
    • local fauna

      maybe she means handy road kill!
  • Essential gadgets

    Charlie you might have a butt load of money but if I bought all of this stuff I would spend $2994.96. I would not be able to walk out of the front door much less take a trip somewhere.

    Further more there are some things listed in this list I would not want floating around lose in my backpack.

    Sweety you need to get a grip!
  • What with things going like the are...

    In North Korea, I think some dosimeters, and a radiac meter would be in order!
  • ummm...

    Can I see a video of that cooker burning fauna?
  • Yes and no

    Some of the suggestions are good. Others are far from "essential." Rather than calling the article "Essential gadgets for summer travel" it ought to have been called "A few curious travel gadgets."

    E.g. The voltage adapter is only "essential" if you're traveling to a country with different power specs than your own.

    The laptop mentioned is a good one, but a laptop is only "essential" if you need a full-on computer while traveling. For me, a 7-inch tablet is a much better travel device.

    I have a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and I used to take them with me always. But these days airplanes seem to be less noisy than they used to be, and a set of snug-fitting noise-blocking ear buds works well enough, without the weight and bulk of the big headset.

    All the gadgets mentioned might be useful, depending on your circumstances. But none of them is essential.