Essential gadgets for summer travels

Essential gadgets for summer travels

Summary: What are some of the best gadgets to have in your backpack this summer?


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  • A travel-proof compact camera

    Backpacking can often mean slinging your gear into a bag and going, as well as the need to navigate across rocky terrain.

    If you'd like to take pictures while you're at it, or perhaps take photos in the sea, then a shock-proof and watertight camera is a must.

    One such example is the Olympus TG 820. The camera is shock-proof from heights of up to two meters, water resistant to a 10m depth, and will not be damaged in temperatures as low as 10c. 

    The compact camera costs £164 ($251).


    Via: Olympus

  • Extreme charging

    I think most of us have been in the situation when on the go, you need to use a gadget such as your smartphone, tablet or notebook, and you've run out of juice.

    For these kinds of predicaments, the Powermonkey Extreme can serve as a conduit for emergency charging. It is able to charge most 5V devices, including an iPhone (six times), iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets. A standard phone can be charged up to 12 times. 

    The storage facility can be recharged with a universal mains charger, a USB port or an integrated solar panel. The product can be purchased for £120 ($184).

    Via: Power Traveller


  • Checking your baggage allowance

    When planning your summer travels and booking the cheapest tickets possible, something that can escape memory is the additional charges we tend to accumulate.

    One of the most common charges is for baggage allowances — and as some airlines now charge your fee depending on cargo and your personal weight, a digital scale may be a good investment.

    The "No More Excess" digital scale weighs in both kg and lb, and has a lightweight design to fit into your luggage. To use, you lift your suitcase — which can be up to 40kg — and simply set it down. The scales now only cost £7.99.

    Via: Amazon

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  • cooking by rats

    err, I think i'd be more comfortable using local flora as fuel, rather than fauna..
    • local fauna

      maybe she means handy road kill!
  • Essential gadgets

    Charlie you might have a butt load of money but if I bought all of this stuff I would spend $2994.96. I would not be able to walk out of the front door much less take a trip somewhere.

    Further more there are some things listed in this list I would not want floating around lose in my backpack.

    Sweety you need to get a grip!
  • What with things going like the are...

    In North Korea, I think some dosimeters, and a radiac meter would be in order!
  • ummm...

    Can I see a video of that cooker burning fauna?
  • Yes and no

    Some of the suggestions are good. Others are far from "essential." Rather than calling the article "Essential gadgets for summer travel" it ought to have been called "A few curious travel gadgets."

    E.g. The voltage adapter is only "essential" if you're traveling to a country with different power specs than your own.

    The laptop mentioned is a good one, but a laptop is only "essential" if you need a full-on computer while traveling. For me, a 7-inch tablet is a much better travel device.

    I have a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and I used to take them with me always. But these days airplanes seem to be less noisy than they used to be, and a set of snug-fitting noise-blocking ear buds works well enough, without the weight and bulk of the big headset.

    All the gadgets mentioned might be useful, depending on your circumstances. But none of them is essential.