EU demands Samsung offer new concessions to end patent antitrust charges

EU demands Samsung offer new concessions to end patent antitrust charges

Summary: First the EU demanded more concessions from Google. Next in line, Samsung faces a similar fate should it fail to appease European regulators.

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Google first took a swipe from European antitrust regulators on Monday for failing to impress on its antitrust case, in which the company is accused of abusing its position in the search and advertising market.

Now it's Samsung's turn.

The Korea-based electronics giant was warned by the same antitrust regulators to step up and revise its concessions, reports Reuters, which would ultimately see the firm avoid a fine of up to $18.3 billion — or 10 percent of its 2012 global annual revenue.

The European Commission confirmed that it asked Samsung to improve its concessions package, but like before it declined to offer further details.

Samsung is accused of using patent lawsuits to get ahead of Apple, its archrival in the smartphone space. The smartphone maker sought lawsuits and sales injunctions in various European countries in 2011 against Apple's use of its patents. 

But because those patents are deemed "standards-essential," in that they are required for interoperability between devices and necessary to the industry, the EU hit back claiming the move was anti-competitive.

Samsung and Apple continue to be locked at the horns over design and functionality patents in more than 10 countries as they continue to out-do each other the smartphone space.

Topics: Samsung, EU

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  • EC should back down

    and focus on the REAL patent trolls: Apple & M$, not on the FOSS friendly companies!
    LlNUX Geek
    • Samsung might use Android and ChromeOS,

      but they're far from FOSS-friendly. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually fork (or switch to pure Linux from) Android, strip out the parts that Google mandates be in it, load it with proprietary crap that makes Apple look like an open-source angel, and then close the walls and lock the gates to the garden so the only apps that are on the phone are those approved by Samsung.

      Hope you like K-Pop.
    • Right . . .

      Backdown from standards-essential patent enforcement so that prices of their competitors goes through the roof in order for them to compete. How much stock do you own Google, or are you just a fan boy hoping someone cares to listen to you?
      • I see the truth, unlike you

        I can see the evil actions exposed here by award winning journalists:
        LlNUX Geek
    • Google is NOT

      FOSS friendly at all - and none of your whining can change that.