Exetel takes Telstra to court

Exetel takes Telstra to court

Summary: Internet service provider Exetel has lodged legal action against Telstra in the NSW Federal Court.

TOPICS: Legal, Telcos, Telstra

in brief Internet service provider Exetel has lodged legal action against Telstra in the NSW Federal Court.

(Credit: ZDNet.com.au)

The case, which was filed on 2 March, argues misleading or deceptive conduct. News of the action was first reported by Computerworld.

Justice Moore will conduct the first directions hearing on 24 March.

Exetel chief executive officer John Linton is a vocal member of the telecommunications industry, not frightened to air his views on his personal blog.

Topics: Legal, Telcos, Telstra

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  • If Telstra win

    Will this be the end of exetel, WILL Telstra counter sue

    I just hope Exetel has the very necessary deep pockets to fight the Goliath monster through the court battle.
    It's about time they (Telstra) faced the music, (we'll find out exactly what that will be, when the brief is made public) which will hopefully end the monopolistic behavour they use to their advantage & are so well known for!

    Good luck Exetel!
  • Exetel will have the funds!

    I now understand why Exetel customers are having their plans increased from April 1st 2010 under the "pretence" of losing money from most of their current (and very loyal) customers ADSL plans.

    The truth is now quite obvious, they are raising the plan costs to raise money for this court case!
  • What was the point of that rant?

    I read the linked blog and find most of it grandiose and self-delusional.

    What is his point? Mobile costs are genuinely lower than fixed line costs, yet nowhere in Australia is this imbalance reflected in the retail costs to the consumer.

    In real terms it is cheaper for me to keep a landline and only have a mobile for "necessities". At current pricing, there is no way that I consider "mobile communications" to qualify for the description "commodity". Mobile communications, like internet charges are currently at "luxury" rates.

    It's 05:37 (in the morning), on a 1.5Mb/s connection it takes nearly 45 seconds for each page on this site (basically text) to update on my screen--and that's with an IAP that currently hasn't had its nose rubbed in the dirt for poor service and price-gouging--although I could level those allegations myself if I wanted.

    The best I can make out of Linton's rantings is Australia is still paying for internet under a "price for data" model that has been outdated in most other countries who simply pay a "price for fixed access" . Data pricing makes no sense. Whether there is data in transit or not, all that silicon is still working just as hard anyway.

    All those ADSL modems are still polling and trading "null" data when your computer isn't accessing it.

    So, once again, what is the point and purpose of Exetel suing Telstra?