Eye Exams Check Your Eyes – And May Save Your Life

Eye Exams Check Your Eyes – And May Save Your Life

Summary: Routine eye exams may actually save your life. Read how Marco Ophthalmic Inc. is using the power of technology to improve lives by improving vision.

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Did you know that an eye exam could potentially reveal the existence of an STD in the body? You read that correctly. With proper equipment, your ophthalmologist may find clues to serious health conditions just by examining your retina, optic nerve and connective tissue. These conditions can include autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and even sexually transmitted diseases. Yep, an irregular eye exam result could indicate chlamydia, herpes and HIV/AIDs.  Why are eye-care professionals able to diagnosis such pernicious diseases simply by examining your optical nerve? Because your eyes are the only place in your body where doctors can see a blood vessel without cutting you open. By examining your eye and surrounding area, your ophthalmologist may unveil the need for primary physician care.

A leader in vision diagnostic equipment, Marco Ophthalmic Inc. is dedicated to providing eye-care professionals with the tools necessary to examine patients. For more than 40 years, Marco has been a leader in making ophthalmology practices more efficient and effective, while also making the day-to-day work of both practitioner and staff simpler and easier. Marco’s automated products reduce the time it takes to gather diagnostic information as well as provide doctors more time to concentrate on treatment options and communicating with patients. Marco improves lives by improving vision.

However, Marco’s internal processes bore room for improvement. The company had neither a centralized information management system nor mobile functionality for its sales team. Without an efficient sales process, fewer doctors’ offices contained Marco Diagnostic Equipment, and customers and staff alike endured frustration and discontent.

However, when Marco decided to streamline their sales with a new analytics IT system (using SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA), the eye-care superhero acquired greater insight into new demographic opportunities, campaign effectiveness, and customer data. Now Marco’s sales are sky rocketing, and the company is helping to improve more lives. Marco runs one single affordable system covering all of their functional requirements including customer, prospect, and sales data.  With their new IT system in place, Marco has mobile access to real-time data, helping to increase sales productivity and customer satisfaction. In addition, Marco can view up-to-the minute order updates and interactive analysis dashboard reporting via mobile device, saving sales representatives precious minutes on every customer query.

But Marco won’t stop there. Because Marco’s annual internal maintenance costs are lower, the company now has budget to expand their mobile app access to additional employees and enable customizable dashboard reporting via mobile device for all sales representatives.  With access to real-time data with enterprise search functionality, sales colleagues are able to view sales numbers and customer information in real time therefore increasing deals closed, the number of practices using Marco technology, and customer satisfaction.

“SAP Business One provides up-to-the minute order status to the entire company via user-friendly search with SAP HANA,” Macro Executive Vice President  David Gurvis said. “This speeds information delivery across the organization, resulting in better decision making, improving customer services, and freeing up more hours to make sales.”

Marco is now able to supply more Ophthalmologist offices and eye-care professionals with their state-of-the-art visual diagnostic systems, and lives around the US are changing for the better.  Because of these progressive technologies, eye-care professionals can detect many diseases early. For example, doctors are able to identify signs of diabetes in ophthalmic blood vessels up to seven years before diabetes shows up in the body. Hopefully your routine eye exams never reveal a surprising ailment, however, isn’t it reassuring to know that because of companies like Marco, diseases can be caught early and prevented before they start to do damage? I think that’s a win in everyone’s book.

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The original story was published on SCN in SAP Business Trends. 

Topic: ÜberTech


Christine Donato is an integrated marketing expert in SAP Global Marketing where she focuses on SAP HANA. She is passionate about improving healthcare with innovation and technology and telling the tale of how technology makes the world run better. @CMDonato

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  • This flat-out marketing hype really doesn't belong on ZDNet.

    This says absolutely nothing about new IT tech, the type of material ZDNet readers come here to see.
    • For the average Joe

      Hi Rick,

      I'm sorry that you feel that way. The point of this blog is to explain, in non-technical terms, how technology can help companies like Marco Diagnostics. SAP is not only for huge companies anymore. And Marco, a small to mid-sized company, is expanding their business with the help of SAP HANA.

      I find this story very compelling because it's in the healthcare space. If we, as humans, can use technology to improve healthcare and in turn save and/or improve lives, then I think that we are doing something right. I really love that technology in healthcare helps to eliminate cost inefficiencies. In the U.S. especially, where access to quality health insurance is so limited due to our current system, I think that any way we can cut costs and hopefully open the doors to new patients is a huge win.


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