Facebook builds a new 'Home' on Android (gallery)

Facebook builds a new 'Home' on Android (gallery)

Summary: Facebook Home is an Android overlay that aims to create a software package that takes over messaging, key communications and runs like "system software not an app you run."

TOPICS: Smartphones, Android

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  • "Chat Heads" are a major new feature of Facebook Home. Photos of friends who are communicating with you be moved around the screen. Answer them and when you are done, just throw them away at the bottom. Chat Heads work with both text messages and chat messaging.

  • When you turn on your phone, you'll see content from your feed or "coverfeed." It will automatically slide from story to story.

  • You can see link shares and status updates. Text from the status stories sit above a cover photo. Of course Facebook doesn't forget "Likes." A big symbol will pop up to show you liked something.

Topics: Smartphones, Android

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  • Looks good

    Well it's pretty much like a Facebook phone, it a UI app for Android that's updates with your Facebook. This can only be done on a Android since it's open platform, too bad for iOS and their close walled garden.
    • Good drone

      So Facebook can now sell your phone calls and texts to the highest bidder? Even Apple doesn't do that in their walled garden.
      • Any proof?

        Do you have anything, any single thing, that says that Facebook is going to sell your phone calls?
        Michael Alan Goff
  • more advertisement space

    at your expense now FB can flash more adverts on your phone screen. obviously the best experience is already on WP8. only because of the present use base of android, FB decided to cash the opportunity and make more money through ads
    • ads?

      What's wrong with ads? There's ads everywhere you go, everywhere you look. By now you should know how to ignore them. I can't wait to see ads in our dreams, that'll be the day lol. I'm going to patent that!!
      • You gotta be kidding

        What's wrong with ads? Random ads are ok but ads based on you profile, based on the analysis of whatever you like, say or comment is just unfair.
  • Lies, damn lies, and...

    Notice how they break email into separate apps? I'd love them to show the aggregate for phone app usage as a category. But, that wouldn't tell their "Facebook replaces email" marketing.
  • Who would trust that?

    Their app is horrible, why would I give them a larger chunk of my phone?
  • Good for Facebook addicts but not necessary

    Don't think many would use this as it probably will use alot of memory and battery to always stay connected.

    there is already facebook messenger that keeps us connected in the same but not so beautiful way.
    KH Liew
  • Wow

    Makes the Chinese government data snoopers look like amateurs.
    Alan Smithie
  • Facebook Phone?

    I've yet to see anything on Facebook that demands my constant attention, or bombardment of sales pitches and marketing (ads) to be brought to you where ever you go.
    Give me a phone that makes a good connection where ever I go, and I would be happy.
    Chris S
  • Facebook

    Maybe it's me; but this is principally about pushing facebook [little f]. I don't like facebook. And I'm not alone. So I think this is FAR over-rated in it's ability to cause issues or change much of anything.