Facebook doubles down on pushing out new code

Facebook doubles down on pushing out new code

Summary: Facebook doubles the potential for releasing new products now that it publishes new code onto the site twice as often.


As Facebook tries to continue to shape up on Wall Street, engineers are doubling down on the back end.

Specifically, Facebook engineers are pushing facebook.com onto new code twice a day now.

In a nutshell, this offers Facebook the potential to debut new products and features for its 900 million members and counting twice as often.

Facebook engineer Chuck Rossi discussed further on the official Facebook blog that this push is being driven by a "recently-hired release engineer" in Facebook's New York office in addition to the social network's standing daily push managed by the California team.

The New York-based push will give much more power to our engineers who aren’t based on the west coast of the U.S. and will ensure they're able to move and ship as quickly as any other engineer in the company. It will also give California engineers two chances to get code shipped and features launched each day.

Last December, Facebook announced that it would be expanding its presence in New York City with the announcement of a new open engineering office designed to help promote technical job creation.

At the time, it was revealed that the East Coast office would be run by Serkan Piantino, an engineering manager at Facebook who previously managed the teams behind Facebook’s News Feed and Timeline.

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  • Everybody wants a stable, consistent design and . . .

    Everybody wants a stable, consistent design and they're pushing for twice as much change?

    Granted, I know that tech should continue to progress, and it's great that we're such an innovative society.

    However, I also feel that it's irresponsible to push stuff too fast. Stuff needs to be tested, and not everything new is something good. Technology has to be handled in a responsible way.

    And honestly. Facebook hasn't been very responsible. If it weren't for the amount of lock-in they have, I dare say they'd be dead by now. None of their UI redesigns made any sense, and none of them made Facebook any easier to use.

    For the most part, Facebook seems to be heavily invested in change for the sake of change, rather than change to advance. It took competition from Google+ to actually get them to change to make things better rather than change for the sake of change.