Facebook messages integrate in 'social inbox'

Facebook messages integrate in 'social inbox'

Summary: The social-networking site's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new 'seamless messaging' system, which combines Facebook messages, IM and SMS texts

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  • Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on Monday took the wraps off Facebook's latest innovation, a 'seamless messaging' system..

    The social-networking site's new version of messaging is built to work with Facebook IM and other IM and SMS systems.

    "It's not email. It handles email in addition to Facebook messages, and Facebook IM, and other IM and SMS and all the other different ways that you want to communicate," Zuckerberg said, as reported by ZDNet UK's sister site CNET News. "It's true, people are going to be able to have Facebook.com email addresses, but it's not email."

    Photo credit: ZDNet.com

  • Seamless messaging

    The three areas of the announcement include 'seamless messaging', conversation history and social inboxes.

    Photo credit: ZDNet.com

Topic: Networking

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