Fake Stephen Conroy is Telstra staffer

Fake Stephen Conroy is Telstra staffer

Summary: The online satirist impersonating Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has revealed he is a senior Telstra staffer named Leslie Nassar.


The online satirist impersonating Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has revealed he is a senior Telstra staffer named Leslie Nassar.

Stephen Conroy

Fake Stephen Conroy
(Credit: DBCDE/ZDNet.com.au)

"OK, so here it is; Fake Stephen Conroy = Leslie Nassar," Nassar wrote yesterday on his Fake Stephen Conroy Twitter profile. His Department of Internets site has also been updated with a link to his LinkedIn profile, which lists his current job title as "senior emerging technology specialist (mobile)" at Telstra.

Nassar's activities are understood to have been undertaken on his own behalf, with Telstra remaining ignorant of his hidden identity.

Nassar has proven to be one of the most popular satirists to use the Twitter medium in Australia over the past six months, treading a path laid out by international writers such as US-based journalist Daniel Lyons, who for several years maintained a blog satirising Apple chief executive Steve Jobs.

The real Stephen Conroy has also publicly acknowledged Nassar's work.

The news comes as speculation around Nassar's identity had reached fever pitch over the past several weeks, with bloggers publishing lists of suspects and Nassar himself contributing satirical articles under the Fake Stephen Conroy pen name to sites such as ZDNet.com.au and Crikey.

Nassar has also worked as a producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for four years. He has been at Telstra since October 2007.

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  • I knew it!

    I never trusted that guy.
  • He is a nice guy

    But I really liked him!!
  • Crazy

    This is like being in some kind of echo chamber! What's the sound of one hand clapping?

  • Who ultimately cares

    What ultimately does identity mean? Is a person really separate from the ideas they espouse.

    My only comment is Leslie shouldn't give up his day job. His satire may be popular - but it isn't very good.
  • Where did it go?

    Such a shame that the profile appears to have gone. I wonder if it was a decision by Leslie, Telstra pressure or perhaps Mr Conroy himself stopped tolerating the profile.
  • Filtered!

    If you can't see the profile then your ISP must be participating in the filtering pilot.

  • Fake Conroy

    Maybe we could keep the fake Conroy, and lose the real one.We.d be better off .
  • Please NO!

    Not if it involves someone who has a high profile with Telstra. The last thing our industry needs is someone from Telstra espousing Telstra's "true" agenda. Who could believe them?
  • Come clean Rex.

    Rex I note you say " the last thing OUR industry needs" could be very enlightening.

    Rex just who do you represent with your continual demonising of Telstra????