Final testing for BlackBerry 10 apps to begin in early December

Final testing for BlackBerry 10 apps to begin in early December

Summary: Research In Motion says it will release the 'gold' software development kit for its BlackBerry 10 within weeks, allowing developers to ready their apps for the long-awaited platform's launch at the end of January.


Research In Motion is set to release the finalised software development kit for BlackBerry 10 in early December, ahead of the platform's release at the end of January.

The BlackBerry 10 OS home screen. Photo Credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

The 'gold' version of the SDK will allow developers to carry out final testing on their BlackBerry 10 apps before the platform goes live. The SDK will appear on 11 December, RIM said in a blog post on Thursday.

However, even before that gold SDK comes out, another beta version will emerge on 29 November, RIM said. This beta "includes bug fixes, but also an important update for web developers as our BlackBerry WebWorks HTML5 tools will be updated to offer more functionality and to draw closer to parity with our native tools", the post stated.

The timing of the gold SDK means developers will have over a month to test their apps before the App World submission deadline — for those wanting their apps to be available at the launch of BlackBerry 10 — of 21 January. The platform itself goes live on 30 January, when RIM will reveal the first BlackBerry 10 handsets.

BlackBerry 10 is almost certainly RIM's last throw of the dice. The company, which has long been overtaken in the smartphone market by Apple and Android, has had to repeatedly delay the release of BlackBerry 10 amid management turmoil.

NOTE: This article previously stated that RIM was running out of cash. The company subsequently pointed out that its most recent results showed that "cash, cash equivalents, short-term and long-term investments increased by approximately $100 million to $2.3 billion at the end of the second quarter".

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  • Er slightly wrong on the financials...

    RIM has over $2B sat in the bank so I dont think they are out of cash.

    I have played with the iPhone, Android on Samsung, Windows 7.5 and more recently beta BB10.

    I believe RIM has got it right I like BB10, it all depends on the hardware if they are to succeed. If the hardware is on pair with the likes of Apple/Samsung then I will be personally buying BB10 phone in February.

    However that is just my opinon.
  • Dead man walking

    That sums up RIM and Blackberry.
    • what will they do

      I keep reading about "repeated delays" can anyone show me the "repeated delays"? I did hear the 2 old CEO's that it would release this year but other than that all I've ever heard from RIM is a release for 1rst quarter 2013. This new CEO is doing it right & my question is.... How will IOS & Android still pass off the dated, boring application grid as innovative? I'm afraid they both have a lot of copying & catching up to do
      • "...can anyone show me the "repeated delays"?"

        Yep...glad to. This goes back to December 2011.

        "Mike Lazaridis, one of the company's co-CEOs, said the BlackBerry 10 phones will need a new chipset that will not be available until mid-2012, so the company expects the new phones to ship late in the year.
        'We've experienced a delay,' he said."

        Now, it's early 2013.
        • that's repeated?

          I mentioned the delay by the old CEO's in my 1rst post, I still don't see repeated delays, if you drink this sites Kool-Aid you would think BB10 gets delayed weekly. The new CEO has said from the beginning a 1rst quarter launch & it appears he is sticking to that, believe the era of RIM delays are over