First BlackBerry 10 handsets to be revealed at end of January

First BlackBerry 10 handsets to be revealed at end of January

Summary: The first Research In Motion smartphones to run the new BlackBerry 10 operating system will be revealed in 30 January, in a worldwide event that will mark the formal introduction of the platform.


BlackBerry handset maker Research In Motion (RIM) has confirmed that it will lift the wraps on its first BlackBerry 10 hardware and formally introduce the new operating system at the end of January.

The BlackBerry 10 OS home screen. Photo Credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

The launch event will happen simultaneously in multiple countries around the world and, as well as marking the introduction of the platform, will unveil the first two handsets to use the new OS for the first time.

"In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring our customers innovative features combined with a best in class browser, a rich application ecosystem, and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities," Thorsten Heins, chief executive of RIM, said in a statement on Monday.

The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has suffered a declining share in both the consumer and enterprise markets in recent months. However, it sees the transition to BlackBerry 10, its new operating system for tablets and smartphones, as the route back to users' hearts.

BlackBerry 10's headline features include an adaptive dual layered on-screen keyboard, BlackBerry Balance for keeping work and business content separately stored on the phone, and BlackBerry Flow and Hub for easier navigation and quick notification updates.

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  • First BlackBerry 10 handsets to be revealed at end of January

    "Sorry mate your to late the best ones went to Android". To plagiarise an old Birds-eye peas advert!
    • do you really think BB users go to Android?

      more than they go to iOS

      That is just not what I have seen, on a personal level I don't actually know of a single example (but "people I know" would be a small sample set)

      But in terms of business (and government) supplied handsets, all these examples I have seen have gone from BB to iOS (I am not saying that is a good move, and I am not comparing BB security to iOS security, I am just observing)
      • Re: do you really think BB users go to Android?

        Considering smartphone buyers are choosing Android over IOS 4:1 and still increasing, I'd say yes.
        • possibly

          I'd say it at least partially true

          again purely from my observations in life - so not a huge sample size - I see the majority of android purchases being people coming from feature phones (or who came from feature phones) and who moved into an android phone as it was cheap/free from their carrier. I think cost more than OS preference drives that differential. 2-3 years ago, the cheap/free phones that carriers offered where all feature phones, now low spec android units fill that gap.
          So I would agree that first smartphone buyers definitely go to android, I just didn't think that BB users would be as attracted to it, assuming they have a choice, I imagine many BB users had their handset chosen by their employer.
  • Blackberry is still around?

    Who cares?
    • 80 million users

      We do.
    • unhelpful comment

      plus YOU clearly care enough to comment...
    • Anyone who admires good work

      I would really, really like RIM to get out of its dire situation and recover with a new and successful line of Blackberries. I know it's unlikely, but one can still hope and dream until the last minute. That would be good not only for RIM and its users, but also for Android and iOS users, who would see more competitive pressure to make their favorite OSes better. Neither Android nor iOS is fully satisfactory for my needs (or arguably anyone's), Windows Phone 8 is still immature, and it would be great to have an alternative.

      Now, talking about Windows Phone 8, that Blackberry OS 10 home screen looks a lot like it...
    • I care ....

      I'm still using a Bold 9650 and have been anxiously awaiting the much touted BB10. Earlier this year I bought the Playbook and downloaded OS 2.0. What a great combination with super integration. Roughly 3 months until the BB10 debuts, and I can hardly wait. The business phone coupled with the Playbook will be just great. Yes, I'm awaiting a few more apps, but what I have does what I want better than any phone available today. I resent the "uncool" comments about Blackberry. I don't use a BB phone to impress others, I use it because it works for me. I'm thrilled the tradition of Blackberry is moving forward.
  • WOW!

    .... and I thought you could not get a worse looking interface than win8!

    I stand corrected.
  • blackbarry

    to write , details of blackbarry smart phone.cpu/ internalmemory/ cole systam/ touch screen. so thank you.
  • do you know who should be most excited about this...

    iOS user and Android users, that's who

    if BB10 is good, and carves out a market for itself, that just encourages iOS and Android (and Apple iDevices and Android devices) to get better.

    especially if it is both "good" and "different"
  • What[s a Blackberry?

    Blackberry. Yahn, who cares?
    • you...

      you clearly care enough to
      a) click the link
      b) read the story
      c) make a comment
    • Not to mention...

      Your typing and spelling skills need some work.
  • Discovered

    BB will rediscover the world that is already discovered by ios and android!!! Congrats to BB. Good morning BB.
  • They need good hardware

    I really hope that they come out was some really good hardware to complement the improved OS. There last few efforts had been under powered, aesthetically bland if not ugly, and with poor build quality. One thing about the old Blackberries is that you could run them over with a car and they would keep on trucking. The last few years, you flick it the wrong way and the track ball falls off.
    • Re: They need good hardware

      You're not even funny. Blackberries have not had track balls for years.
  • Android User who wants his Blackberry back

    I recently bought a Razr m coming out of a Blackberry. Yuk. No push email, had the touch screen and it's not nearly as intuitive or user friendly as Blackberry. I'm pulling for RIM. Sadly, I could wait anymore and had to buy a replacement. GO RIM