'Frankenstorm' on course to clobber East Coast

'Frankenstorm' on course to clobber East Coast

Summary: Hurricane Sandy could be downgraded to a tropical storm if it follows its projected collision course to hit the Jersey shore on Tuesday. IT workers had better prepare.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space, Outage

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  • Here are the current wind speeds from Sandy.

  • NASA is following the storm closely. Here is an image from the Modus satellite as Sandy ran through the Bahamas.

    Credit: NASA

Topics: Nasa / Space, Outage

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  • RE: Looks really bad

    Anybody from in the mid Atlantic States to eastern Canada should prepare and that includes areas up to at least two hundred miles from the coast for an event Sunday into Wednesday. Most of the time storms that far north go out to sea or occasionally hug the coast like Irene did last year. They also usually move fast and weaken over cool water leading to armageddon predictions being overblown. This time there is a huge blocking mechanism over eastern Canada and the North Atlantic so the storm cannot veer out. It will start to veer out then be pushed back into the coast somewhere and be very slow moving . And it is not expected to weaken over cool waters but actually rapidly strengthen because another tropical system will be pulled into it and it will merge or phase with a cold front coming in from the west meaning it will transition into a hybrid hurricane and Noreaster which certainly can strengthen in cold weather (See blizzard). There will also be a clash between the tropical air the storm pulls up and cool Canadian air. Most will see something between a bad storm some power outages etc and something most have never come close to experienced that region. The conditions won’t be as extreme as a normal hurricane but due to the wide area and the long period of time certain areas will be getting hit by the storm, dense population and well dense everything effects in some area will resemble a major hurricane . Generally if you are where the storm comes in or 100-200 miles to the Northeast you will get the worst effects. If it comes in on the New Jersey coast the storm surge could flood out parts or even a lot of lower Manhattan and the salt water could do a number on the subways. Computer models and weather people have little to compare this to when they crunch numbers so yes it is possible everybody will be yelling “hype for profit” or “idiots” again at the meteorologists. I hope so
  • NOAH?

    We probably will not need to build an Ark, but the Biblical Patriarch Noah is not involved in this storm. You probably were thinking of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), one of the really great federal services that keep you safe. (http://www.noaa.gov/).