French police find open source arresting

French police find open source arresting

Summary: Up to 80,000 PCs from the Gendarmerie Nationale could be involved in one of the largest migrations to to date

French police are planning to switch from Microsoft Office to open source productivity suite, a spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

There will soon be up to 35,000 PCs equipped with at the Gendarmerie Nationale, a department of the French Police force, according to reports.

It is understood that a total of 80,000 PCs will eventually be migrated to the open source productivity suite by this summer. The department is expected to save more than €2m through this migration.

A spokesman from the French police confirmed the migration was happening but was unable to provide any additional details at this time.

This is not the first government organisation to migrate to on a wide scale. The City of Munich in Germany is due to migrate 14,000 PCs to and Linux by 2008. The City of Bergen, in Norway, is also due to migrate desktops in its 100 schools, which have 32,000 pupils and 4,000 teachers. The Ministry of Defence in Singapore has already installed on 5,000 PCs, and is planning to deploy it on a further 15,000 PCs.

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  • Wow, this is a major move! It's great to see these articles, for each large migration eases the task for the next group that wants to follow suit. I wonder when the public at large will take notice? And when will OEMs ship on their machines by default? (I know many small ones do already.) Those will be the signs that the tipping point has arrived! It might be closer than we think.

    Also, I hope that the police contribute something back to the project. The publicity by itself is very valuable, but financial and code contributions would be great too.

    - Ben
  • 2 mill
  • Hello
    Can you please give me the location and Phone #
    of the Goverment Watch Dog for the Police