Full Spectrum: the 4G-less Galaxy S III

Full Spectrum: the 4G-less Galaxy S III

Summary: Will the price and lack of 4G take the shine off the Samsung Galaxy S III?


Will the price and lack of 4G take the shine off the Samsung Galaxy S III?

It was with much fanfare and spectacle that Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III, in Sydney yesterday. However, despite the overseas model having long-term evolution (LTE) "4G" capability, Australians will have to wait at least a few months before a 4G version of the device is launched here.

It's understandable, from Samsung's perspective; all three mobile networks get the same device, and Samsung gets to have a second launch for the 4G device in a few months. And yesterday, at least four telcos were on-board with 24-month plans ready to go.

But will iPhone 4S users suddenly be overcome with phone envy? Possibly, but they can take comfort in the fact that according to price-comparison website Whistleout, the Galaxy S III is slightly more expensive than the iPhone 4S on plans, despite the iPhone 4S prices going up since its launch in October last year.

"Today's iPhone 4S prices have all crept up from their launch prices, and now match at the $59 plan level, yet the Galaxy S III is still priced more expensively on the $29/$39/$49 plans than the iPhone 4S," Whistleout said.

Are you planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy S III, or will you hold out for the 4G version or another device?

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  • Nope. XL delivered next Tuesday for me.

    Sorry, but Software gimmicks and microSD just don't cut it when you look at its' plasticky construction and eye gougingly horrible Touchwiz (sorry fans, but I REALLY can't handle its' ACME cartoon nature)

    And I get 4G to boot!
  • A friend has gotten one of these to renew her contract will Vodafone, I had a quick look at over the weekend and although on the surface, it is a nice phone, I wasn't too impressed by it! iPhone4S, it doesn't display the battery percentage. Just a battery symbol, so it's VERY difficult to quickly judge how much battery power is left. Also, when comparing the pictures taken by it to those of the camera on the iPhone4S, it's camera, doesn't have auto exposure, like the iPhone4S has! On my iPhone4S, just touch the screen before taking a picture, n the camera automatically adjusts the exposure! This doesn't! And there is NO decent SatNav programmes available for it yet! On my iPhone4S, I have a TomTom SatNav with Darth Vader for a voice guidance! How Kool is that? No thanks, I'll wait for the iPhone5!
    • You need more than a 'quick look'

      I'm tired of you Apple people.......you can't judge a phone just by glancing over a friends for 5 mins. Firstly you can set the GalaxyS3 to display the battery percentage if you want. It's simply an option in settings. The camera has burst mode and auto everything, so if you can't take a good photo, something is definitely wrong with you.
      There is a very decent sat nav program and that's Navigon (a Garmin product). It's excellent and I use it all the time....as for the Darth Vader voice guidance, I doubt it....lol!

      I've had the Samsung Galaxy 3 have well over a month and it truly is an excellent smartphone. I'm definitely not an Apple Fanboi, nor have I been Samsunged, but if you see the S3 and Iphone 4S side by side, the Iphone looks SO 3 years ago. It's TINY and nearly every single one I see has a HUGE crack either on the front or rear glass....

      I dropped my previous Galaxy S so many times, and even once in water and it's still going strong today...it may have a plastic case, but don't be fooled, they're a hardy little machine..oh sorry now a 4.8 inch BIG machine!
  • I was interested in the new SGS3 until I found out Samsung have switched to micro SIM for this phone. Why Samsung? Just because Apple are now using micro SIMs doesn't make it the way to go.
    • If the use of micro SIM is your reason for not getting one of these, you're a fool.