Ghosts of Christmas past: Helpdesk horrors

Ghosts of Christmas past: Helpdesk horrors

Summary: The festive season is the right time to look back at those troubling manifestations that continue to haunt helpdesks, says Jack Wallen

TOPICS: IT Employment

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  • Budget cuts

    6. Budget cuts
    In the present economic climate, companies are downsizing everything, including IT. Many companies are shifting from internal IT to outsourced IT. If you work in internal IT and you see the writing on the wall, this change is a nightmare you may not be able to avoid. Budget cuts are a certainty, so the only thing you can do to avoid this is to work efficiently, ensure everything you do and every decision you make is sound — and hope for the best.

  • Cat hacker on laptop

    7. The hacked network
    At some point, your company network will be hacked. The consequences depend on a lot of variables. But the most important thing is to be prepared. Have a disaster plan that includes security breaches — not just hardware failure. But instead of just relying on a recovery plan, make sure your protection is as strong as it can be. Ensure updates are applied, all security rules are checked, and all security hardware is up to scratch for today's attacks.

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  • Password of the week

    8. Lost admin passwords
    My memory is not what it once was, so a recurring nightmare is to forget the administrator passwords for various systems. This problem can be circumvented, but sometimes not easily. Forget that domain admin password and there could be problems. Forget that router admin password or Cisco admin password and you're going to have to jump through hoops to sort out the problem. You have to keep those passwords safe and for your eyes only.

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Topic: IT Employment

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