Glassdoor: Google offers best salaries for software engineers in 2012

Glassdoor: Google offers best salaries for software engineers in 2012

Summary: If you're a software engineer, the big pay day is evidently found at Google, according to a new report from Glassdoor.


Google has been found to be the financial sweet spot for software engineers this year, according to a new report from jobs and careers site Glassdoor.

Based on salary reports shared over the past 12 months by software engineers at 15 various tech companies to compare average base salaries, Google was found to have the highest average base salary among the top dogs in technology.

Here's a glance at the top five:

  • Google: $128,336
  • Facebook: $123,626
  • Apple: $114,413
  • eBay: $108,809
  • Zynga: $105,568

Based on more than 5,000 salary reports, Glassdoor cited that the 2012 national average for a software engineer’s base salary is $92,648, up by 2.5 percent compared to 2011.

Glassdoor added that software engineers at 13 of the 15 companies included in the report do actually enjoy an average base salary higher than the national average.

However, that is not the case everywhere in the Valley. For example, the average base pay for software engineers at Intel and IBM are actually a bit lower than the average with starting salaries at $92,194 and $89,390, respectively.

For reference, Glassdoor’s salary data is based on anonymous salary reports voluntarily shared by current and recent employees.

In related tech job opportunity news, Glassdoor reported in September that Facebook and LinkedIn are among the 25 best companies for job opportunities. Other friendly and supportive workplace hotspots include SAP, Akamai, and

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  • Survey failed to include the living cost factor

    If I get a raise of 50% and then move to a new location where living expense doubles then I'm not necessarily better off. Notice the high salary is all from Silicon Valley where living cost is high.
    • Very observent

      I had not noticed that, but you are correct: Salaries in other locations, especialy those out of California are lower, as it cost much less to live in those areas.
      John Zern
  • Glassdoor: Google offers best salaries for software engineers in 2012

    What Glassdoor left out in their survey is that if you are not a software engineer then Google craps all over you.
    Loverock Davidson-