GoldMine Business Contact Manager

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GoldMine Business Contact Manager

Summary: When it comes to building and maintaining a hefty contact database, this solid, all-around customer relationship manager is perfect for growing businesses.

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  • Plenty of detailed documentation
  • tight integration with Outlook and other business applications
  • clean, customisable interface.


  • Has more features than small companies may need.

GoldMine Business Contact Manager (BCM) is a customer relationship management (CRM) application, formerly known simply as GoldMine. It provides an easy way to create a customer database, update it and use it to keep track of your business contacts. This version also offers a range of contact, sales and marketing tools such as sales forecasting and report generation -- more than enough for most small businesses.

You should experience little if any trouble setting up GoldMine BCM, even if your business lacks a dedicated IT department. Simply insert the CD-ROM and answer a few questions that tell the software about how you'll use it -- for example, whether it's for an individual or for multiple users. After you install the program, you must register with FrontRange before you can use it. Most other Windows applications don't make you register.

As with many CRMs, GoldMine BCM's interface looks a lot like Microsoft Outlook's: a taskbar sits on the left side of the work space and menu options line the top. We were impressed with the interface's clean look and its new customisability. You can now create up to 20 custom taskbars for, say, modifying or adding fields to contact records.

This CRM also integrates nicely with Outlook. So if, for instance, a staff writer stores data in Outlook, he or she could sync and share email, address books and calendar features with GoldMine BCM-based sales reps. Likewise, GoldMine BCM integrates with Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Lotus Notes 5.02 and Lotus CC:Mail.

Most of GoldMine BCM's considerable strengths lie in its contact management tools. For example, whenever you create or send a letter, a fax or email, GoldMine BCM automatically records your communications with each contact. And the new iCal-standard meeting request feature sends invitations to contacts and team members who use other iCal-compliant programs, such as Outlook.

GoldMine contains competent sales features. For instance, you can forecast sales, complete transactions and assign quotas for various employees. Also, from the Reports Menu, it's easy to create reports and charts to document and analyse sales data, including projected sales and cash flow.

In keeping with today's mobile workplaces, GoldMine BCM lets you synchronise with telecommuters, but the setup is somewhat lengthy. The administrator creates a profile for the remote worker and sends that person an email message. An email attachment walks the remote employee through the rest of the synchronisation setup. You can also synchronise GoldMine with Palms and Pocket PCs.

If you run into trouble using this product, you're in luck. Goldmine BCM provides very helpful documentation, including a detailed installation guide, a 'What's New in Version 5.7' booklet, and an easy-to-follow user manual. In addition, FrontRange offers free online, email and newsgroup support. Access to telephone hot-line support service is available to customers with a valid support contract, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm GMT.

GoldMine Business Contact Manager gets the basics of CRM right, and includes so many features that small businesses will find almost everything they need. If your small business requires a usable, highly customisable and sophisticated contact manager with a minimal investment of time and money, you can't do better than choose GoldMine Business Contact Manager.


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Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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  • 9.0

  • 10.0

    Allows me to manage my business by creating direct marketing campaigns in minutes, allowing me to win more business. So cost-effective I would have spent £600 per licence! Also must mention that our supplier Accounting Answers (023 8030 4300) were very helpful in training, support and installation, without which we would not be getting the most out of GoldMine.
  • 3.5

    With the assistance of the local reseller, and after the 5th reinstall, the software still does not work as advertised. GoldSync and Outlook integration do not sync nor integrate. Not to mention its absurd transfer set file creation, that has to occur every time it's being reinstalled. In my case the duration has exceeded 60 hours! You have to consider an in-house expert, who is fully trained by FrontRange, to run it.
  • 4.5

  • 5.5

    Do not upgrade to version 6.7 if you plan on syncing with a Palm. Not only does the sync feature not work, it screws up the sync between the Palm and the Palm desktop. I had to uninstall and reinstall my Palm software to get it working again. Tech support does not return emails.
  • 3.5

    Goldmine is a terrible piece of horrendously clunky software, the GUI is a never-ending series of wind-ups and manages to defy, at every single painful step, any and every usability convention regarding windows applications. The interface goes beyond cluttered often 4 windows with bizarre resizing characteristics, windows constantly in the way of each other etc etc. The 'goldsync' option goes further with archaic functionality - a remote 'undocked' user needs to constantly and MANUALLY perform a synchronization at regular intervals, even when connected to the same network. Outlook integration is buggy as hell, with its linking mechanism ‘fragile’ at best. Your employees will grow to detest this product if you lay it before them, as its unintuitive, annoying, and downright shoddy interface causes a serious of resignations, heart attacks and strokes within your organization. Support is very expensive and even then, extremely poor. Look at the newsgroups on the frontrange site (newsgroups?!) And look at the vast numbers of people with sync problems and just look at how often people are complaining about how they can’t even get the Goldsync ‘service’ to run as a service!! It ticks lots of boxes on the feature matrix but that’s about it. Summary - Diabolical. Don’t go near it.
  • 7.5

    Has good features, better than Outlook, but not as good as ACT! Less complicated than this last one.
  • 4.0

    Their website is a shambles. Their support is SHOCKING.
    Their product is the most hacked-together horrible piece of CRM software in existence. It is horrendously full of bugs.

    I should know, I've been force to use and ADMINISTER (hah!) this junk for the last year.

    Go use Sugar CRM or something else, just not this.
  • 8.5

    I have used several CRM solutions and this one is the best value for money around. As it seems to have all the features I could ever want and more besides. Better than act. The Igoldmine (goldmine on the web) is great for people out in the field
  • 2.0

    This product is junk, pure and total junk. Everything in it is a hack. I feel dirty after using it. I've been the "Goldmine Administrator" for a few months at my company and I'm now seriously considering suicide.
  • 8.5

  • 6.5

    I used to be a Goldmine user until my system crashed. When that happened I tried to get help ---- someone --- anyone --- to help me save my company data.

    Although I like the way Goldmine works, much better than ACT . . . I simply cannot stay a customer of any company that farms out their support to money hungry third party vendors that are not in it for the service.

    Since then I've switched to Real Mango and have found a much better . . . though fairly unknown . . . product that offers great support from real people. That's the way things used to be before and I still appreciate talking to real people who can help when needed.
  • 6.5

    We are using Goldmine 6.5 BCM. When I took over as marketing manager we were using 5% of Goldmine's functionality despite having it for a year. Why? Lack of IT savvy. Unless you make an effort to understand the product and how it works you will not get what you want from this product. Thankfully I'm a retentive type that was not going to be beaten by GM. Think carefully about keywords, read lots, back-up before you do anything you haven't tried before, and run it on a server with decent specs if you want respectable performance. Goldmine BCM has awesome potential to do good for your company if managed properly. As previous posts prove it can crush the moral of its users if not setup or administered correctly.
  • 10.0

  • 1.0

    The company I am with purchased Goldmine 10 months ago and long story short....its still not used. Also most a year has gone by and much time, resources and money and nothing to show for it.

    Goldmine is truly a terrible product. After all this we are not looking to bail from the nightmare and start over with a better CRM. Please reconsider if you are thinking about purchasing.

    We actually use the Premium v8 version which "should" be newer and better but it's far from that.