Good Technology: iOS still leads in enterprise, but Android gains ground

Good Technology: iOS still leads in enterprise, but Android gains ground

Summary: Good Technology released its second quarter mobility index report, finding growth across secure instant messaging, CRM and business intelligence app activation.

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Good Technology released its second quarter Mobility Index Report Tuesday, and the data reiterated the stronghold that Apple's iOS has in the enterprise.

While Android device activations jumped up five percentage points to 32 percent of total activations, iOS – even with five percent decrease – maintained a hefty lead, claiming 88 percent of total app activations for the quarter. 

Windows Phone activations remained consistent with the five previous quarters, but still makes up only one percent of total device activations. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.07.58 PM
Net activation by platform Q2 2014: April thru June. Via Good Technology.
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.07.39 PM
Net activations by device type Q2 2014: April thru June. Via Good Technology.

Other findings in the report highlight the growth in usage of secure enterprise apps and mobile business processes:

  • Document editing continues to maintain the top spot for most widely-used enterprise app;
  • Secure instant messaging edged out custom apps as the third most activated app category;
  • After dropping last quarter, business intelligence posted 200 percent growth in total activations quarter over quarter;
  • CRM is still on the rise, with total activations increasing by a factor of seven quarter over quarter. 

Christy Wyatt, chairman and CEO of Good Technology, said it's more apparent than ever that enterprise mobility is disrupting legacy desktop environments:

"They've recognized that mobile access to other key apps beyond email is critical in driving higher productivity, intelligence and even closing deals. Our quarterly index report has become one of the leading benchmark resources in defining what's next in secure mobility."


Topic: Mobility

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  • so much for the zdnet fanboys that keep saying android isn't in business

    Looks like a pretty good foothold to me, and a much better one than Microsofts 1%.
    • Here it comes

      Just you wait. Only two years ago, the highly prescient Johnny Vegas told us, "WP has saved Nokia. With WP8 they will pass apple."

      The prophet "adornoe" was wise enough to predict events in 2016, so it's too early to evaluate his claim that "Microsoft will have climbed from near zero to over 50% of the overall tablet market." Although we could say that his prediction is as true today as it was in 2012 when he made it, i.e. that Microsoft will be coming from near-zero.
      Robert Hahn