Google adds iOS support for Mobile Backend Starter app engine

Google adds iOS support for Mobile Backend Starter app engine

Summary: The Internet giant already released a version for Android amid its annual developer summit, Google I/O, back in May.


Google is reinforcing its toolset for iOS developers working on the Google Cloud Platform with an optimized version of its Mobile Backend Starter launchpad.

The Internet giant already released a version for Android following its annual developer summit, Google I/O.

Essentially, the Google App Engine application enables developers to be able to develop mobile apps in the cloud without having to worry about server-side code.

Developers can use the app to facilitate the delivery of device-to-device push notifications, request continuous queries about data changes, and set up user authentication with Google Accounts.

Google product manager Stuart Reavley explained further in a blog post on Wednesday, summarizing that iOS (and Android, of course) developers can use these "framework classes to interact with the deployed backend as if it was local to the device."

The source code is available for free on Github, and the platform supports at least hundreds of concurrent users working on a single project for no charge.

Naturally, there are a few different steps for setting up and accessing the Mobile Backend Starter features on iPhones and iPads. Those nitty-gritty details are available on the Google Developers online hub now.

Reavley added that the Google Cloud Platform team added support to deliver "reliable push notifications to thousands of iOS devices via the Apple Push Notification Service" as well.

Image via the Google Cloud Platform blog

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