Google buys to combat online fraud

Google buys to combat online fraud

Summary: Google has acquired London-based, a company focused on cleaning up the Web.

TOPICS: Google, Security
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Google has purchased, a company specializing in the combat of online fraud.

The acquisition was announced on Google's DoubleClick Advertising blog on Friday. has developed fraud detection technology designed to discover malicious coding and scams that are embedded within links and media -- and Google plans to immediately integrate this technology within its video and display advertisement products.

Over the long-term, the tech giant hopes to improve the metrics that advertisers and publishers use to determine the value -- and therefore suitable levels of investment -- of digital media, and by eradicating fake and fraudulent results, this may help businesses see what campaigns and media actually give strong results.

"By including’s fraud fighting expertise in our products, we can scale our efforts to weed out bad actors and improve the entire digital ecosystem," Google says.

No financial details have been revealed concerning the deal.

"Advertising helps fund the digital world we love today -- inspiring videos, informative websites, entertaining apps and services that connect us with friends around the world," the announcement reads. "But this vibrant ecosystem only flourishes if marketers can buy media online with the confidence that their ads are reaching real people, that results they see are based on actual interest. To grow the pie for everyone, we need to take head on the issue of online fraud."'s technology will complement Google's current efforts to keep fraud at bay. The firm says that aside from investing in fraud prevention technology, Google turned down millions of applications from sites looking to join its network last year due to suspected fraudulent activity.

Topics: Google, Security

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  • Good Move ...

    ... and clear blue water between them and their rivals.

    Of course, that won't stop the knockers ... ;-)
  • Acquisition

    A 'revenue integrity' acquisition as opposed to generic SMS app. BTW, if still interested, I've got a killer chat app for sale. Only $6B.
    • I bet I can download it for free.

  • Isn't this a case of the Fox guarding the Henhouse?

    Being the Google is one of the largest polluters of the Internet.
    • Google isn't even close.

      There are the many billions that have been swindled out of Windows users.
    • You're right,

      though I'm guessing Google already has their agents out to blame this on MS.

      Oh, Hi Jesse!

      Guess I was right, once again!
      • You must have taken the MS paycheck again.

        Nobody else has such a lack of scruples.
  • good move may be

    but I could not run demo in chrome requires IE.
    • That' s the purpose of the demo

      Demonstrating Data Leakage from Internet Explorer

      On this page we've included a live demonstration of a security vulnerability in Internet Explorer (versions 6–10), which is described The live demonstration is only accessible if you're using Internet Explorer to view this page. We have also included on this page a recorded screencast demonstrating the vulnerability.

      We have also created a game to illustrate how easily this security vulnerability in Internet Explorer may be exploited to compromise the security of virtual keyboards and virtual keypads. The game may be found at

      There is a video not requiring IE.