Google changing Chrome malware, phishing warnings

Google changing Chrome malware, phishing warnings

Summary: New designs for interstitial warning pages for malware and phishing sites detected by Google Safe Browsing are simpler.

TOPICS: Security, Google

As announced by Google engineer and "usable security researcher" Adrienne Porter Felt on Twitter, the newest designs for malware and phishing site warnings from Google Chrome have gone out on the Canary and Dev channels.

Google Safe Browsing is a service that maintains blacklists of URLs of sits that contain phishing and malware. It provides an API for other software to use, and is used by both Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft uses their own SmartScreen service.

When Chrome encounters a site which Safe Browsing says is malicious, it raises an interstitial warning page like those below. Firefox and Safari have their own warning pages. The new Chrome warning pages are only on the Dev and Canary distributions, not the Beta or Stable.

This will be the new malware warning page:


This is the old malware warning page:


This will be the new phishing warning page:


This is the old phishing warning page:


The new designs are simpler, but perhaps the absence of the cartoon image is intended to induce the user to take the warning more seriously.

Topics: Security, Google

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  • No cutsey graphics?

    No cutsey graphics? Awwwww. . .
  • To the point

    I like the new warnings. They are to the point about the risk to a user and why they are blocked. Most users do not need details but a warning that is specific enough to know what could happen.
  • Does Google Chrome

    include itself?
    • Web sites silly...

      • When Using Google Chrome

        EVERY website is a phishing site!
        • Nope

          Nope !
          • I guess you don't understand simple things

            Chrome is SPYWARE by design. You don't have to visit a specific website to be spied upon.
          • Baloney

            You fanbois are funny.... ;)
        • I don't think you know

          what phishing is.
          Michael Alan Goff
  • Sorry Larry,

    Least useful article I read here in a long time.
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