Google Checkout checks out

Google Checkout checks out

Summary: The payment service has been given six months to live before life support is switched off.

TOPICS: Google, E-Commerce

The product shedding at Google continues with merchant payment solution, Google Checkout, which is the latest product to be handed a death notice, in favour of Google Wallet.

Merchants using the service now have six months to find an alternative payment provider, or apply to move to Google Wallet Instant Buy. Android and Chrome app developers will continue to be supported, and will be able to access their merchant accounts through Google Wallet.

Three alternative payment providers, Braintree, Shopify, and Freshbooks, are currently offering discounted rates for Google Checkout users.

On the consumer front, it is business as usual, with Google continuing to push its Wallet service over Checkout.

"Shoppers can continue to use Google Wallet to make purchases on merchant apps and sites, as well as on Google properties, such as Google Play and Chrome Web Store," wrote Justin Lawyer, senior product manager of Google Wallet, in a blog post. "We'd like to thank our merchant partners that have used Google Checkout, and we look forward to helping many more businesses grow with Google Wallet."

Last week, at its I/O developers conference, Google announced that it is expanding its Wallet service to support payments via Gmail for its US-based users.

Google's latest cleansing of its product line has included the shutting down of its Reader service, SMS Search, and CalDAV API.

Topics: Google, E-Commerce


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  • This is why I would not use a Google service

    You can not know when they will just shut it down under you.
    • This Only One Reason Not to Use Google

      Why would anyone put Google Analytics or Maps on their Website? Why does Google offer these services for "Free"? So their advertisers can poach your customers.
  • it's a dumb way to cook pasta

    and it's not a great way to market services. I wish they'd put more thought into their offerings in development instead of just throwing them against the wall of users. I use a lot of Google services, but this behavior makes me nervous.
  • This is a major disappointment, not to mention scary.

    Google has offered many great products, and then they pull back. Googlebase was one such great product, which now is changed.

    Google is making it difficult, not easier, for smaller companies to compete, by changing their platforms, products and service offerings. It is becoming a constant job just learning the new rules and requirements. to say nothing of trying to just run your business on a day-to-day basis.

    The scary part about all of this, is the amount of data that Google controls, maintains, or is generally responsible for. I loath sounding like an alarmist, or a "conspiracy-theory monger" - But with Google maintaining the Planet's credit card information, at such ready access, and controlling the fate of many smaller companies by routinely changing their product lines - Google is fast becoming the "New World Order" That much power is dangerous - even in the hands of the most well-intended. I shudder to think of what is coming next.
    Koi Hosting
  • Next up to be trashed....

    Chromium/Chrome OS. Millions of dollars in R&D just for pitiful sales.
  • They are all middleman ...

    Google Checkout/Wallet or PayPal payments: both are equally clunky ...

    Hello "MasterPass". Goodbye clunky PreyPal—it has not been nice knowing you ...
    Philip Cohen
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