Google cleans house: iGoogle, Google Mini being shuttered

Google cleans house: iGoogle, Google Mini being shuttered

Summary: Get ready to say goodbye to some more stale Google products.

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Just a few days after the end of I/O, Google is already on the warpath and shuttering aging products left and right.

A few of the latest products that the Mountain View, Calif.-based corporation is cancelling might sound familiar -- if not a bit stale by now.

Widget board iGoogle is just one example of a platform that made a lot of sense back in 2008. But with the ability to add apps to your browser on Chrome and Android, this one just looks so dated already. Not to mention you can configure your Google+ page to perform a lot of the same news and updates activities as well.

However, iGoogle fans have all the way until November 1, 2013 to still use this product.

On the business customer side, enterprise search service Google Mini is also on the way out as Google ramps up support for Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search. Nevertheless, Google is promising to continue providing technical support to existing Mini customers through the end of their contracts.

Matt Eichner, general manager of Google's Global Enterprise Search unit, explained on the official Google blog on Tuesday that these products are going the way of the Dodo to streamline some of Google's other services. "Closing products always involves tough choices, but we do think very hard about each decision and its implications for our users," Eichner noted.

A full list of the latest targets are available on the Google blog now.

Google has been in a spring cleaning mood for much longer than just a season -- especially since Larry Page took the reins as CEO last year. Page has made it clear that he wants the company to focus more on long haul projects focused on social and mobile -- so basically Android, Chrome and Google+, which were the three biggest themes of the Internet giant's conference in San Francisco last week.

Of course, Google did clean house a bit amid April showers as well. Earlier this year, the Goog published another list of services going defunct, most of which centered around Picasa and various mobile apps.

Topic: Google

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  • iGoogle... dated? Really

    Rachel you wrote > iGoogle gives a customized Tile layout of "live" widgets so you get updates of new emails, Remember The Milk [ To Do List }, weather, news, calendar etc. While adding an app to Chrome is simply shortcut to a webpage... hardly cutting edge 2012 technology iGoogle is an ideal web portal for anyone serious about productivity
    • another alternative for igoogle is Simple and effective
    • A replacement is nice, but i'm expecting an UPGRADE

      Well, a replacement would be nice indeed, but it can’t really match the original iGoogle and doesn’t really add value to your startpage... I feel it’s somehow a downgrade from the original iGoogle.

      You you will enjoy the change, I felt a real Upgrade after I start using

      It has a beautiful interface, you will love it!
      George Oneday
  • Don't build your sand castles on Google Beaches

    This is a lesson for Google Chrome and Chromebook users. If Google fails to monetize a product for advertising dollars, it will drop it.
    Your Non Advocate
    • Re: Don't build your sand castles on Google Beaches

      That might have something to do with the fact that there is no such thing as something that costs nothing to do.
  • Now what?

    I'm sure this is great for Chrome users, but what if we don't have a choice in browsers? My employer uses IE and blocks blogs, videos, audio, and a many flash products. Other homepages (ie. Yahoo) freeze because they have so much clutter that trigger the IT blocks.

    iGoogle was perfect because it was so clean. I could see recent Gmail, Fark headlines, baseball standings, local news, etc with one click. What home page am I supposed to use now?

    Can someone explain why dropping iGoogle will be a great thing to someone like me?

    Note: I also use Firefox at home and have no interest in switching to Chrome.
    • Where to go now

      When I read that iGoogle was getting shuttered, I cursed some and then I set about to see which of the other mainstream portals would take what I had in iGoogle. Turns out, MSN, believe it or not, out of my 18 feeds I had @ iGoogle, 16 feeds were incorporated into the mymsn page. (The remaining two, had no help to add rss to... whatever format you wanted to read their stuff on)
      Crashin Chris
  • Sign the petition to save iGoogle!
  • Google is showing the down side of life in the cloud.

    A while back I had my Google pages killed off and now iGoogle is going. Thankfully I never used Google Wave. Besides the fact that there are no real alternatives to iGoogle. These changes show that life in the cloud is not as fluffy as it seems.

    You don't get to choose when you are subjected to UI changes. You don't get to choose if you want to shut down your site. Yes, it is free but not really. We all pay by allowing advertising.

    I understand times change and progress is made but I think it is important to note that the software cloud has some serious downsides that does unexpected issues and work on your shoulders at the whim of the service provider.
  • Horrible idea

    Google Chrome's web apps are not a replacement. They are just shortcuts to apps. I want a place to see all my information (calendar appointments, email, weather, recent news, etc). Yes, I have my phone with that info, but it is convenient to be able to get that on any desktop even if it doesn't have Chrome. iGoogle is perfect for that. Hopefully, Google will replace iGoogle with something similar to how widgets work with the Android.
  • This sucks

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but this sucks. I LOVE iGoogle. It has my RSS feeds, the weather, my calendar, and my task list. And it has a convenient search button built in! How can you not love that??
  • Bad Decision

    iGoogle is my homepage. I use it everyday, multiple times a day. It provides instant access to the news, the weather, my gmail, my calendar, and many other rss feeds all of which is instantly available when I open my browser (on my desktop).
    Not all of us have our lives on our smartphone. There may be alternatives for the smartphone world, but there is nothing for the desktop crowd that can replace iGoogle.
    Matthew Roop
  • No Secure alternatives to iGoogle for Gmail/Android users

    I use iGoogle as I have an Android device as well and migrated to Gmail and Google Calender. It is very troubling that Google is shuttering iGoogle. Unless they are planning to roll out Google Now in a browser based format that can be formatted into a Dashboard view, the loss of a Google proprietary Dashboard is significant.

    While some of the forums are suggesting Dashboard alternatives like Netvibes or Protopage, there is an inherent problem with this. In order to display Gmail and Google Calender information in these services, you will need to expose your Google account and data to third party risk. If I am using a Google operated and supported Dashboard, no big deal because my data, emails, calender, contact information, etc. resides at Google anyway. I made the choice by going with Gmail and Android to trust Google with my information. But if I have to log into my account on through a third party provider to get a Dashboard view of my data, I am exposed to them using my information in a less than ethical way. Also the more disperse control over that data is, the more opportunity there is for that information to be hacked and stolen.

    Google in their Blog and Forum posts have provided no guidance for a Dashboard alternative to iGoogle. They suggest looking at Apps in the Chrome Store or Google Play, but no one solution provides the Dashboard view of iGoogle. The mobile device paradigm works on mobile devices because of the integration into notification services on the device, but the same isn't the case for a browser based solution. Each mode of use is different, valid, and require different tools to be effective. A Dashboard view for a PC is inherently better that emulating a mobile device with the browser, which is what Google is suggesting (and Microsoft is doing by porting Metro over to the PC). It is a bad idea to try and shoehorn the Mobile paradigm onto the PC platform. It takes away significantly from the power, usability, and customizability that you have with a PC as opposed to a mobile device. Just as the PC paradigm needed to be reinvented to make mobile devices viable, the mobile paradigm doesn't work well for the PC.

    This is a bad decision for Google/Android users. Hopefully enough press and pressure will be placed on Google to reconsider this decision or provide them the incentive to develop a better Dashboard utility for secure Google Account aggregation.

    Users should express their displeasure by replying to this Product Forum post: []#!msg/websearch/3SDRsOMBonA/xmScyuVVUfoJ
  • iGoogle alternative

    For an alternative to iGoogle, check out
  • Thanks for the warning

    I have heard it said that we are not Google's customers... we are their product. Thankfully, Google has given me until November 1, 2013 to become some smaller company's product. I'll start with Chrome which I would describe as "not bad" but not as good as other browsers I also have on my system. It goes as soon as I finish this message. I may go to a paid email service that maybe charges me a little but doesn't read my mail and sell my private information. That would be nice. I will miss the search engine because it is really good, but some of the others will probably get the job done too. Damn! Doesn't it suck to sell a product that has "free will"?
  • Goodbye iGoogle

    Goodbye Google, won't be buying an Android or any other product from Google. HELLO My MSN!
  • Already started migrating off of Google

    I guess I will go back to using Yahoo.
  • Alternative Replacements

    Take this as a blessing in disguise. It’s time to upgrade from the dashboard widget life of the 2005 start pages into a better designed experience. Yes, you may lose some functional benefit in seeing everything you want to see on one page but that’s overload anyway.

    Why not try something that automatically creates & manages a daily list of your sources (to replace widgets) and shows content in image tiles. Batch your browsing into something you do once, twice or three times a day so you don’t have to battle constant overconsumption and information overload. We do all the setup, management, and work for you using a browser plugin and have a built-in browsing timer! Sign up to get an invite at
    • another alternative is also a good alternative too.
  • iGoogle alternative

    there are literally thousands of iGoogle alternatives but i agree with most of the others here, none of them is as good as iGoogle. I tried netvibes for a while but don't like the interface and it's too obvious that they're trying to sell me a business solution. Protopage feels outdated.

    Also stumbled upon Symbaloo: which seems not too bad.

    Another alternative could be Looks nice and clean but I didn't see any options to add RSS which i really really need.

    Thanks google :(