Google Docs adds discussions feature

Google Docs adds discussions feature

Summary: Google Docs is to receive a discussion feature that allows users to talk about documents in a conversation stream as they are editing them


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  • Discussions for Google Docs

    Google has tweaked the collaboration tools in Google Docs to allow people working on documents to discuss changes and developments in a structured way.

    Discussions for Google Docs allows users to talk about documents in a conversation stream that runs alongside the document, seen on the right-hand side of the image above. The stream is designed to be an improvement on the existing comments feature and offers additional tools to speed up the feedback cycle for collaborative documents.

    Although not strictly related to the now-defunct Google Wave, Discussions for Google Docs features similar functionality.

    Photo credit: Google

  • Discussion threads

    Users can be added to the discussions using @ mentions. Those who start conversation threads can control the comment streams by adding edit rights for different users to sections of a document.

    Other new features include time stamps for each comment and profile pictures for each person who makes a comment.

    Photo credit: Google

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