Google dominates U.S. share stats in June: Bing up, Yahoo down

Google dominates U.S. share stats in June: Bing up, Yahoo down

Summary: comScore data released early shows Google continues to dominate the U.S. share market, while rival search engines suffer marginally.

TOPICS: Google, Microsoft

Pretty much as expected, Google continues to dominate the U.S. search market in June, while in second and third place respectively, Bing gains slightly and Yahoo dips from the previous month.

comScore figures released early by Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter --- via Business Insider --- shows Google retains the lead, while the gap between Bing and Yahoo widens slightly.

Here are the key stats:

  • Google is up by 0.1 percent from 66.7 percent in May to 66.8 percent in June. 
  • Bing is up by 0.2 percent from 15.4 percent in May to 15.6 percent in June. 
  • Yahoo is down by 0.4 percent from 13.4 percent in May to 13 percent in June.

It's the same old story. Google has for years maintained its monopoly over the search market, despite a few algorithm changes along the way --- such as the most recent one to favour newer search results over older ones --- allowing for queries to pick up recent news reports along the way.

Bing remains in second place, but is far behind Google by nearly 50 percent of the U.S. search market. In January, Bing had breached the 15 percent U.S. market share mark; a crucial milestone for Microsoft. It's not often Microsoft comes in second place at anything, but in the search market it shows healthy competition. 

Yahoo took another tumble month-on-month. Year-to-date, Yahoo has lost more than 0.8 percent of the search market. 

Yahoo and Bing remain as separate search sites, but the underbelly of the engine itself remains the same --- Yahoo is powered by Bing --- in the same way Google powers AOL and Ask's search pages.

Microsoft continues to invest in Bing, but it must come as a disappointment to see that Google users are not defecting to Bing. Instead, it seems Yahoo search users are defecting to Google.

Topics: Google, Microsoft

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  • Yahoo user defecting to Google...Really?

    "Google users are not defecting to Bing. Instead, it seems Yahoo search users are defecting to Google."


    Yahoo goes down by 0.4%, Bing goes up by 0.2% and Google goes up by 0.1%. This stat if anything shows that more yahoo users are actually defecting to Bing instead of Google (twice as much actually).

    • Nice catch

      Zack showed one more time that he could successfully imitate SJVN. :-)
      Ram U
    • Nope, not really

      Because Google has a much larger user base than Bing, a .01% increase could be multiple times more users than a .02% increase we see with Bing.
  • Bing is making headway...

    The reality is that Bing is gaining. Perhaps at a snail's pace... but, still... gaining. With more integration planned for Xbox, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8, there's a good chance that Bing might accelerate its advance.
    • The reality is that M$=Bing + Yahoo...

      ... and so M$ has slightly loosing some market share. Take that under consideration.
  • I just got Jelly Bean OTA (Over the Air)

    on my Google Galaxy Nexus last night 7/11. It is one purchase from the Google Play Store, not one from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc... which explains why Google was able to get it to me so fast. This is what Google has been getting knocked for by pundits for a long time. Other phones will likely have to wait a while , but Google is showing that it CAN be done. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint (as well as OEMs such as Acer, Asus, etc... for tablets) now have to step up to the plate (hopefully with some help from Google) to get these updates out in a timely manner. I am amazed that this hasn't hit ZDNET as news, but I guess some of the folks are more worried about what is coming from Apple in 2 months, than what is being offered NOW from Google. Hope that perspective changes soon.
  • What would be smart...

    Would be for Apple to make their default search engine to be Bing on iOS! They have professed their hatred of all tings Android, and yet the continue to feed the Google beast by sending searches (and the idiots who click on the ads) to Google!

    If you want to stop Android, you need to stop the search revenue Google gets, plain and simple!
  • Microsoft try to force people to use Bing...

    ...however in first possible chance those you can change search machine in their browser, they normally change it to Google. Many older people don't know how to change it, that's why Bing has gain some market share.

    Any decent person want to dirty his hands with M$ search machines because Microsoft is the cancer of IT.
  • Hardware preloaded with browsers should clearly show settings options

    Bloatware is a plague, far worse IMHO than the privacy scares that have the FTC up in arms. While the FTC is coordinating best privacy practices they might turn their attention to Bloatware.

    If the FTC could get OSs to open browsers to three or more candidates/OS and browsers to open to three or more search engines/browser it would go a long way toward a free market an less need for Nannie regulators.