Google expands usefulness of Google Wallet, but US carriers block consumer access

Google expands usefulness of Google Wallet, but US carriers block consumer access

Summary: The amount of carrier control over a service like Google Wallet may be grounds for Google to sue and with the new functionality to add any credit or debit card maybe we will see Visa or MasterCard step up and challenge carriers.

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Rachel's earlier post about Google Wallet and the new support for all major credit and debit cards gets me excited since I use Google Wallet on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus devices. Only using one specific card, that I don't have, or a prepaid Google account always limited my use so tying other cards to it is a great development. However, Google still has to overcome the US wireless carrier barrier that prevents us from using Google Wallet on every carrier, but Sprint. Maybe now that more credit card companies can be used with Google Wallet they will jump on board and demand that carriers stop blocking access.

It's sad that carriers have the power to limit use of such a service and this lockdown is one reason I like using my Galaxy Nexus on both T-Mobile and AT&T. Even though my T-Mobile Galaxy S III is a superior piece of hardware, the carrier control drives me crazy. I understand they are holding out for the ISIS system, but since they don't get a cut of anything why can't they just let consumers use the service provided to them by the operating system?

I know people are afraid to use Google Wallet in case your phone is lost, but IMHO it is safer to use Google Wallet on a phone than to have a credit card in a wallet. If you do lose your phone or it is stolen, the person who has it would have to also know your PIN for Google Wallet. In addition, Google now lets you remotely disable Wallet on that phone through their website. Don't forget you also can have your phone secured with a lock screen security system. This is MUCH more protection than a simple credit card and I look forward to updating the application on my Galaxy Nexus.

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Topics: Mobility, Android, Google

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  • On what grounds would you sue? The carriers are waiting for the WP8 wallet

    solution because it's much better. It's better for users too. Google should just wake up to the fact and copy what WP8 is doing. google just doesn't seem to have a clue in the smartphone or tablet space.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Good Question ...... Utility

      What are the rules around suing a public utility?
      I don't know enough about that segment to say.

      I do know that using GW on my Nexus's (? or Nexii) works really great!!!
      • Suing a utility?

        When do US carriers count as a utility like the electric, gas, or water companies? The later 3 are regulated as to what they are allowed to charge customers and have to be approved for any price increases, cell phone carriers do as they feel. Yes, I am aware that some states have removed regulation from some of the listed industries and other places will usually grant any increase request asked for, but that is the usual process for a public utility.

      I can't stop laughing at the notion that M$ can do anything better than G. Hahahahahaha, gee what a large market share their crapware has. Hahahahahaha.
      • Now Who's Laughing?

        "I can't stop laughing at the notion that M$ can do anything better than G. Hahahahahaha, gee what a large market share their crapware has. Hahahahahaha."

        Now its my turn to ROFLMAO - 1.3 BILLION Windows users, and who knows how many 100's of millions of Office users (not counting those who pirate their wares)...really small market share there cowboy...LOL
        • Power extension cables too short.

          I think the problem with the Microsoft PC wallet solution is that most people don't have power extension cables long enough to allow them to carry their PCs into a shop and swipe it over the reader - even if dedicated fanboys like yourself are willing to do. Laptops are also pretty inconvenient. So basically the 1.3 billion figure, wherever you got that from, doesn't count. You can only count the number of Windows Phones which is a paltry number not even worth joking about.
    • please stop.

      This article is not about microsoft or windows phones. It's not even about android. Please grow up and stop being such an annoying fanboy.
    • on what ground? how about anti-competitive.

      i guess you forgot what happen to microsoft only allowing internet explorer on their OS!
      or what happen to Verizon for blocking tethering apps on their phones, they paid a FINES for it!
  • Like it

    I've used Google Wallet a number of times online on my Sprint phone, chromebook, Nexus 7, and desktop and I don't see anything wrong with it, security wise. The nice part of wallet is that it keeps a history or what I've purchased and when. The number of merchants that support Google Wallet is not many but I'm sure Google is going to get a few household names soon enough.
  • Sprint for a reason.....

    You do understand that Isis IS TMobile, ATT, and Verizion, right? The reason they are blocking Google Wallet is that Isis is their own mobile wallet solution.
  • Well, I'd love to try Google Wallet...

    It's just my carrier opted to have Samsung NOT include NFC in my Galaxy S II here in the United States. Bonus points, kids if you can name my carrier! Nice to watch my wife pay for gas and coffees with her S3 on the same carrier. But me? I just get to watch.
    Nemo Who