Google finally comes clean about San Francisco mystery barge

Google finally comes clean about San Francisco mystery barge

Summary: The speculation was fun while it lasted.


A data center. A luxury boat-meets-Google Glass showroom. Even a time travel machine.

These have all been floated around (pardon the pun) as possible explanations as to just what Google has been planning to do with that bizarre monstrosity out on the San Francisco Bay.

Now, the Internet giant has come clean, all but ending the wild but nonetheless entertaining speculation.

A Google spokesperson wrote back to ZDNet on Wednesday, confirming that Mountain View is in the process of "exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology."

So...basically a new science and technology museum.

The concept is intriguing if not redundant given that San Francisco has at least two major museums dedicated to these subjects already: The Exploratorium, which recently moved from the Palace of Fine Arts to Pier 15, as well as the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

Still no word on where the barge might be docked permanently, although San Francisco's historic Fort Mason has been in the discussion mix for awhile now.

To recall, CNET, a sister site of ZDNet, first broke the scoop last month that Google was the force behind a mysterious new barge tucked behind Treasure Island in the Bay Area.

Based on a considerable amount of documentation and information from sources, a floating data center actually made quite a bit of sense at first glance.

However, it's not meant to be -- at least not this time.

Image via CNET

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  • Basically a new science and technology museum?

    How about "as an interactive space where people can learn about how to buy new Google technology."
    • I can see it now...

      ..on the bottom level, the gift shop - a pop up Google store full of Nexus' and Play gift cards, and on the top floor, an Environmental Awareness section, extolling the virtues of Google's "Green Tech" data centres and the evils of Tar Sands oil...

      ...and glossing over the 747 that Brin and Schmidt fly to their business dinners.
  • Museum = old technology

    they want to explore new technology here...
  • Typical

    It always appears to be more that it really is.
    Par for the course.
    And all the Wild (wrong) speculation that surrounded it.