Google Glass will be delivered in weeks, Google confirms

Google Glass will be delivered in weeks, Google confirms

Summary: The Explorer Edition of Google's networked specs will be in the hands of those that pre-ordered them within the coming weeks.


Google has confirmed that the Explorer Edition of its Google Glass $1,500 networked specs will be shipped within weeks.

"This month Google hopes to ship Glass Explorer Edition, designed for the first people to examine the potential uses of Glass," a Google spokesperson told ABC News. "Developers can tinker with Glass and consumers can try it out in the real world."

The timing fits in with Google's annual I/O conference in San Francisco next month, where Glass is expected to be a major focus for the company. It also follows reports last month that the first Glass units were shortly to come off the production lines of Foxconn factories in the US.

It's not clear however whether the headsets shipping next month will just be going to those developers who pre-ordered their Google Glass specs some time ago, or also to the 8,000 competition winners who Google recently selected to purchase their own Explorer Editions.

In other Glass news, Google's investment arm Google Ventures announced on Wednesday it had teamed up with venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and early Google-backer Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers (KPCB) to form the Glass Collective, a seed fund on the prowl for Glass's first killer apps.

Google last month took the wraps off a few popular apps that were re-built for the new mini-screen form factor, such as a New York Times reader app by Google, Evernote and Path.

2013-04-11 11.51.25 am
John Doerr, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin experience Glass in September 2011. Image credit: KPCB.

According to KPCB's John Doerr (pictured), who got a sneak peek at Glass in 2011, that also includes Twitter. But he says, Glass has a bigger potential than smartphones.  

"Right away, I could see that Glass was not just a platform for applications," wrote Doerr. "It also had the potential to create a brave new world of services and experiences. Since then, in rapid fire over just 20 months, Glass has been iterated, tested and refined. It has attracted some of Google's best and brightest talent, and is drenched in advanced software, including Android, voice recognition, and an innovative user interface."

The companies have not said how much seed funding will be available to startups. However, the Glass Collective wants to see both hardware and services ideas for Glass, and of course consumer and enterprise innovations around messaging, sharing, search and navigation.

The collective will only provide seed funding to US startups initially and may broaden that as the platform matures.

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  • Can't wait...

    Can't wait until all the morons start wearing these things driving. Run and hide!!!!!
    • I will breath easier when people use this instead of smartphones driving

      Sorry but it will be safer. From what I've read, the viewing prism is above the eye. You just glance up to see things. You're peripheral vision will be better than looking to your dash at your smartphone and I'm assuming you can focus faster. Plus the emphasis will be on voice commands which can work better than using hands free mic with your smartphone so there is no temptation to be trying to press buttons and such.
      • States are already creating laws to ban them while driving

        Law makers are staying ahead of this one, New Jersey already passed a law banning the glasses.

        Right next to the Touch screen GPS devices (you can only use voice command GPSs while driving in NJ).
  • Watch as physical assult statistics rise... clueless idiots and morons bring these into spaces where they're not welcome.
  • I should be surprised

    to find luddites on a techie website but really I'm not.
    Personally I can't wait. I'll be buying one of these just as soon as the price has dropped to a reasonable level.
    • Luddites?

      Is it Luddism to have concerns about the possibility that any random stranger with a Google Glass headset (or its inevitable, less visible descendents) could look at a person and good old "Don't Be Evil" will pipe pretty much any info that that stranger wants about the subject straight to his display? Will we eventually have to pay Google protection money to avoid having them hand over all that info or even to keep parts of it private?

      Will it be as illegal for a business owner to ban GG form his place of business as it currently is to allow smoking there? Or will it simply provide more incentive for cellphone/WiFi jamming tech?

      Or is it simple common sense?

      At least they don't have lasers shooting out of them like their obvious inspiration-- "Borg" headpieces.

      (If I were younger, I'd be thinking of ways to hack GG to make the things serve up subtly "perverted" data.) :)
      rocket ride
      • colin.ashdown@... is a slave to geekdom

        You know the type...any new gadget comes on the market, it's 'I just got to have' fanubui idiocy.
      • Be imaginative

        Imagine a job interview and the interviewer is wearing google glass, looking thru the social life and web outpourings of the person before him. Perhaps getting a stress reading to determine if the truth is being told ... I remember people being sceptical about the Sony Walkman ... Polaroids Instants etc. Get a grip and get over yourselves. People already wear ridiculous clothes, tattoos, at least Google Glass can be put on and taken off at will. Now if it was $500 ...
        • Imagine...

          You walk into a department store. The sales drones all are wearing Google glass. Facial recognition kicks in, and suddenly in their view, you are surrounded by a green aura. Why? Because you have money and a history of spending it. And the sales drones descent upon you en masse. It is feeding time, and they've come for your wallet.
          • Why imagine? It's already possible.

            That already happened before. That was the experience of nearly everyone who walked into a Circuit City. Circuit City went bankrupt.

            I think people are seeing this new method of displaying information, and automatically assuming that it something that has been completely impossible until now. If you walk into a department store, there are already cameras all over the place looking at you. Google Glass isn't facial recognition technology... such technology already exists. So, department stores could have been doing this all along, alerting their sales drones to head to quadrant 4C to tackle you. Maybe in some places they are doing this, and in other places they aren't. The one with the best experience wins and the others suffer financial losses.

            All of the things Google Glass can do can ALREADY BE DONE with the smartphones in nearly everyone's pockets. The only difference with Glass is, it's hands free. It's like a bluetooth earpiece, but a visual one for the eyes. No need to get all dramatic and assume it must have mind-reading technology and the ability to see into the future. It's just a display for the eyes.
          • And just imagine

            You walk into a department store, you look at an article and an automated comparisson with other shops in your area is made. Not only on price, but also on recommendations from other people in your social circles where they got good service and good aftersales service. You can now make a much better decision whether you want to buy the product at this store.
            And even more, imagine you made a recommendation about the product at this department store, and one of your friends buy the same product, and the store gives you a discount with your next purchase!
          • And just imagine

            I've been able to make these decisions by myself all this time. I don't need a bunch of machines nagging me and making those decisions for me, even if it's spam related to something I've bought in the past.
  • Google Stock Purchase

    I think its that time now....lets buy some GOOG stock and see it rise on Glass!!! :)

    I can see this moving to $1,250 very soon... and then a split...
  • Naysayers will be assimilated

    Resistance is futile...
  • "Google Glass will be delivered in weeks, Google confirms...."

    ... Followed by a ban by countries, states and provinces on using it in a vehicle [while driving], while biking, etc. Probably banned by schools during exams as well.