Google I/O by the numbers: 900 million Android activations

Google I/O by the numbers: 900 million Android activations

Summary: UPDATED: Two years ago, Google revealed there were at least 100 million activations for Android. A year ago, Google celebrated 400 million.


SAN FRANCISCO -- Kicking off Google I/O on a high note, executives confirmed that there have been 900 million activations for devices running Android so far.

Two years ago, Google revealed there were at least 100 million activations for Android. A year ago, Google celebrated 400 million.

"The momentum has been breathtaking since then," said Sundar Pichai, senior vice present of the Android, Chrome and Apps teams, during Wednesday morning's keynote.

To any fragmentation naysayers, Pichai described it as "an extraordinary ecosystem achievement," but quipped to laugher that there's still a long way to go.

Furthermore, there had been 48 billion application installs on Google Play.

Without revealing a specific price tag, Hugo Barra, vice president of Android product management at Google, added that revenue per user is 2.5 times what it was a year ago, globally.

Other numbers to know:

  • 6,000: Approximate number of in-person attendees at Moscone West this week
  • 1 million: Estimated number of people streaming opening I/O keynote on YouTube
  • 750 million+: Active Chrome users
  • 41: Number of updates rolling out for Google Plus alone
  • 200 countries: Now detailed on Google Maps
  • 50 countries: Covered in Street View imagery
  • 1 million: Websites integrating Google Maps onto their sites

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  • But how many devices?

    I'm guessing its probably closer to 300,000,000 - 400,000,000 devices (assuming most devices are factory reset at least once).

    Still those are might impressive numbers, and I could well be wrong about the factory reset figures. While I've done so to my various Android devices numerous times, my wife never did one on her last Android phone. So maybe it's closer to 700 million devices.
    • It's only the active ones that matter. For all the users that are on their

      second or third one there's a lot of obsolete phones that have been toss in drawers or landfills by now. But this buy a new one to get an os upgrade is the only real mechanism google has of getting the mass market off of android 2.x.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Re: there's a lot of obsolete phones that have been toss in drawers or land

        Microsoft executives could only dream it was Windows phones filling all those drawers and landfills...
      • Last month Schmidt claimed 750 million active devices

        At first I thought that couldn't be - then with a little research, the adoption curve has been so steep that in the last 2 years there's been WAY more devices sold than in the first 3 years of Android, so ...
  • Sad State of Affairs

    I do not care if a Google product or service is better that the others, I cannot get past Google's smug attitude regarding Privacy and Terms of Service.

    It's sad that people are willing to buy an Android device when Google requires a gMail account and give up their right to privacy to do anything with it.
    • It is sad that

      you cannot accept that there are other individuals in this world with needs and preferences different from yours.

      An old shill with a new handle?

      They breed like rats around here. Come to think of it, many of them behave like rats.
      • WTF? D.T. Long?

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      • BTW, I Can Accpept Others "needs and preferences"

        ...different from mine. No problem. Not sure how you came to that conclusion.
        I said I thought it is sad that people can be satisfied because they may not understand it does not need to be that way. As in acquiescence.
    • Patrickgood1 What is really sad is that people still buy

      Anything that Microsoft put out there......perfect example Surfaace RT total failing & Windows 8....its so bad they're giving away the new super Blue away FREE
      Over and Out
      • @Over and Out

        It is sad that any one wastes their hard earned money on an RT, iPad, or whatever ARM based limp dick tablet out there.

        I am no fan of MS. But Win 8 is actually on the right track as the line between Mobile and Desktop Devices blur. It maybe awhile for you and your limited cognitive ability to get that through you thick skull to that tiny pea brain of yours. But same day you just might catch on or catch up. Not holding my breath.
    • Give up rights?

      You can log in with any GMAIL account, not sync it and there is no Google ability to track... I don't understand when people assume that just because it is programmed for the multitudes you can't use it the way you would like.

      You do however realize that Google Maps, Google Documents, Google Drive, Google Music, Google Plus are all free services allowing you to have one login, and to customize them with your own stuff: Google maps if you star a location on your desktop it is starred on your phone, Pictures that are synced to Google Plus have just been backed up for free (without sharing them)... The usability and sheer volume of free services offered by Google far outweigh this perceived lack of freedom. Hell the only reason you can buy a device so cheap is because GOOGLE created the free OS that is on most phones...
      • 900 million suckers to be spied on

        All you suckers who are taken in by Google's "free services". Google has the biggest database on the most people in the world. Everything you do in the Google spynet goes into your profile. Just wait until the company gets hacked, sold, or an employee decides to sell a few million profiles. We will see the biggest identity theft event never conceived of.

        So many people worry that the government may know too much about them. But, here we have one company with huge knowledge of billions of people. Don't forget that Google started surreptiously profiling users from the early days of search.

        There is no free lunch and Google is the last group to trust with all that knowledge.
    • Huh?

      IF you want an iOS device? Apple account.
      IF you want a WP8 device? Microsoft Account.

      Then again, you don't -have- to sign in with GMail when you get an Android device. I've often not signed in when I get a device and I'm away from the net. You just can't buy Android apps without a Google account.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Sure you can

        Amazon market or one of the lessor ones.

        Google only takes what you give it. Apple may be worse and your data may leak even to apps without you at least knowing.
      • And Could Not Change The Fonts Without a Google Account

        I do not have an MS account for my Lumina 920. I can could change the font size without one.

        I am not happy with MS trying so hard to get me to create an account. There are many "features" of the phone I cannot use without an MS account.

        I do not need any apps. I had no Apps on my Android either. When I had the iPhone my son used his iTunes account to download some app.

        Now Apple and the iPad it is almost impossible to do anything without downloading an App. And I was REQUIRED to create an account to use the iPad. My iPad lasts for months on a single charge. Not that the battery life is that great, I have found it to be pretty much a useless device.

        I use it to make website screen shots and it was my low end benchmark for testing jQuery Mobile. Because it took 2 seconds for a jQuery modified HTML Selector to pop up the choices, I now do not use jQuery.

        $500 screen shot capture device. Oh and a cool email address I will never see how much spam it has gotten. Have never used it. Never will.
  • Google I/O by the numbers: 900 million Android activations

    Doesn't say how many devices are being actively used. Someone could have bought an android device a few years ago then switched over to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as their main phone. So that phone was activate but not being used anymore. They won't tell you that part.
    • "Doesn't say how many devices are being actively used."


      Seems to me you accept the 100M W8 claim by MS without question.

      Perhaps you can explain that to us?
      • D.T.Long....comprehension isn't one of Loverock Davidson strong suits

        He still hasn't figured out that sales to OEM isn't the same as over the counter sales.

        poor Loverock
        Over and Out