Google launches brandable search for SMEs

Google launches brandable search for SMEs

Summary: Custom Search Business Edition offers a paid-for, brandable and ad-free alternative to Google's existing in-site search tool

TOPICS: Networking

Google has released a hosted site-search product for businesses that builds on its existing Custom Search Engine tool.

On Tuesday the search giant announced Custom Search Business Edition (CSBE), which Google claims will provide greater control for businesses wanting a tailored search box on their websites. The new paid-for version allows businesses to turn off the advertisements that show up alongside search results in the free Custom Search Engine, and also allows businesses to build their own branded user interface for the tool, along with an integrated XML feed of search results to enable further customisation.

Priced from $100 (£49) a year for searching up to 5,000 pages, CSBE also allows "refinement" tags to be added underneath the search bar, which make it easier for end users to tailor their search within a site. Also included is a reporting tool to show how often people are using the search facility and what they are searching for.

CSBE is being pitched at smaller businesses which do not want or need the expense of Google's higher-end search appliances, which start at £1,295 for the Mini Search Appliance, a box capable of indexing and searching up to 50,000 documents.

Topic: Networking

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