Google launches Project Tango developer tablet for $1,024

Google launches Project Tango developer tablet for $1,024

Summary: Project Tango's official remit is to entice developers to create "more than a touch screen app" and explore new mobile experiences via computer vision.

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Google on Thursday rolled out its Project Tango Tablet Developers kit, which aims to enable 3D applications, computer vision and advanced sensing tools.

The device, which is meant for developers, will be sold by Google in late June---think Google I/O---for $1,024.

The History of Tablet Computers: A Timeline

The History of Tablet Computers: A timeline

The History of Tablet Computers: A timeline

Project Tango's official remit is to entice developers to create "more than a touch screen app" and explore new mobile experiences via computer vision. The Project Tango tablet is powered by Nvidia's Tegra K1 chip in a move that highlights how graphics processing could go more mainstream.

Google started Project Tango with a smartphone device, but is now going upstream. In addition to the Nvidia processor, the 7-inch tablet has 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a motion tracking camera, depth sensing and connectivity. Those tools will go along with software updates, application programming interfaces and algorithms from Google.

Like Google Glass, the search giant noted that the Project Tango tablet development kit is "not a consumer device and will be available in limited quantities.


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  • figures they'd charge a power of two price for it.

    If it was $256 (2^8) I might buy it. Well, maybe $512 since it does have 128GB flash and 4GB ram.
  • Bahahaha...I fell off my chair laughing...

    I fell off my chair laughing...another Google product that won't leave the glass shelf.
    • Ha Ha..yeah, really. Glass..what a joke!

      and while we're on the subject of failures, what's up with that microsoft?!? They've been coasting on the fumes of windows and office for what seems like decades now.
      • Or Apple...

        ...Which seems to think that the same, tired old iPhone and iPad will be perpetually new and innovative, just as long as they say so.
        • Might want a bit more precision on your targets, dude

          If you've followed drwong's post history, he's a FOSS fan... he's not going to care about your Apple gibe.
  • Wow, really?

    Google thinks somebody will buy a 7" tablet, no matter how many extras they throw in that nobody will want, for over 1k$? Are they kidding?
    Michael Alan Goff
  • Comments make me laugh...

    So, instead of an intelligent and reasoned critique, everyone seems to revel in Google's, Apple's and Microsoft's continuing "failure"....Please post a link to your last billion dollar idea. Then you will be qualified to slam them in this manner. At least Google is trying to go places and do things that no one else has had any success with. And yes, a tablet may be worth $1k, depending on what those extras are. It just takes a little vision.
    • That's the thing

      I doubt Google cares if this is a success. Just like they showed off "what Chromebooks could be" with the commercial flop of a Pixel, this will show what "Android tablets can be".
      Michael Alan Goff
      • it is an odd play

        it isn't quite a reference device... but as a developer device - well developers are practical and target shipping consumer devices. We target things that people are actually going to own, because our app doesn't matter at all if it won't work on them.

        So developers are the ultimate consumers in that sense, and won't buy the rarity device, except in cases like Glass, where there is no consumer counterpart.