Google launches voter tool ahead of the presidential election

Google launches voter tool ahead of the presidential election

Summary: Want to know how and where to vote? Hurricane Sandy notwithstanding, Google's new tool may prove useful.

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Ahead of the 2012 presidential election day, Google has launched its Voter Information Tool.

The new online feature allows voters to locate their nearest polling station, early vote venues, and voting rules and requirements separated by state. 

A revamped version of the American voter site released in 2008, an interactive map called "Election Explorer" can be searched to research opinion polls, campaign spending, fundraising and travel data on President Obama and Governor Romney. 

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In addition, the Voter Information Tool is linked to the 2012 Election YouTube channel, which contains up-to-date speeches, election rallies and hosts popular videos commenting on the election -- including parodies and commentary. 

For the more technically-minded, the tool can be used to view search trends, consumer patterns and survey results. It is also possible to embed the open-source service on your own website. 

The election season is likely to face its fair share of problems ahead of the voting day on November 6, and altough the arrival of Hurricane Sandy has led to cancelled campaign appearences, grounded flights and widespread power outages, it has also forced early voting stations to close in several states. Early and absentee voting could impact the campaign results in swing states, but Google has also included information on voting by mail which may make life a little easier for frantic voters. 

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  • all looks great

    It's nice to put a touch of FOSS on Romney's momentum that will result in a landslide victory.
    LlNUX Geek
  • Dajavu Corruption in the 2012 Presidential Election!

    A picture is truly worth a thousands words, because it's impossible to hide the lie that was told during the 2000 Presidential Election, which is George Bush won New Hampshire's four (4) Electoral Votes, that gave him the 271 total electoral votes needed to win the 2000 Presidential Election!-Born to do battle, drafted at birth.a.k.a.Warrior Breed!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-10-29-2012, I voted early today in Lenexa, Kansas, Johnson County just a fact for the history books for my grand children they may read one day, yes I voted for President Obama to be RE-ELECTED as the President of the United States of America!
    Michael E. McKinzy Sr
  • EVotetechnology-The Revolution to modernize American Presidential Elections

    The Truth speaks for itself even when you are too stupid to believe what it 2012 Presidential Election, RE-ELECTION OF President Obam with 332 Electoral Votes!-Born to do battle, drafted at birth.a.k.a.Warrior Breed!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-11-07-2012
    Michael E. McKinzy Sr
  • EVoteTechnology-Then New American Revolution

    VIP (Voter Integrity Party) shall modernize America's voting system by implementing EVoteTechnology, Palm Vein Authentication, at polling stations and introducing receipt voting into the election pocess.-03-22-2013
    Michael E. McKinzy Sr