Google lowers prices, further opens doors to Compute Engine

Google lowers prices, further opens doors to Compute Engine

Summary: With a little more than a month to go ahead of Google I/O, the Internet giant is sprucing up Compute Engine.


Google introduced somewhat of an overhaul for its Compute Engine virtual machine on Thursday, making the cloud service more readily available to more users.

Marc Cohen, a software manager on the Google Cloud Platform team, outlined in a blog post that today's update essentially boils down to three things: lower costs, more functionality and access for more customers.

Cohen also cited a recent review by Scalr founder Sebastian Stadil published on GigaOm, highlighting the speed of the cloud infrastructure against competitors.

Starting today, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service is being made available to all customers who sign up for Google's Gold Support package, the second highest of the company's four tiers of cloud customer support.

Additionally, Google is cutting all Compute Engine pricing by four percent.

There are a host of new features detailed on the Google Developers blog. Some of the big ones include an revamped admin dashboard (as seen in the screenshot above), two more supported zones across Europe, and five new instance type families along with 16 new types of instances.

The Internet giant first introduced Compute Engine last June at Google I/O. It's highly likely that we'll continue to see some more big updates for the cloud infrastructure service over the next few weeks and at the annual expo this May.

Screenshot via The Google Developers Blog

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  • Google lowers prices, further opens doors to Compute Engine

    Google knows how to make things happen......Go Google
    Over and Out
    • It was Amazon that made this happen. This is google reacting to amazons

      price reductions. Good for amazon to push the downward price and make the rest of the industry follow. Now google needs to react to Azure's better perf.
      Johnny Vegas
    • I'll bet your hands were trembling with anger when you typed that.

      Though I'm not sure for what reason - Angry that Google was forced to lower prices, or that by doing so, Google forced you to create an excuse as to why it was "a good thing."

      Well, lets hope people jump in at the new prices, as we know what happens next if they don't -

      They call it "Spring Cleaning".
      William Farrel
  • Unit 61398+

    You know the Chinese are looking for holes, might have some inside help.