Google ramps up Australian hiring

Google ramps up Australian hiring

Summary: Google Australia is looking to fill almost 40 positions within its local office in Sydney.


update Google Australia is looking to fill almost 40 positions within its local office in Sydney.

"We are hiring a lot this year," a Google Australia spokesperson told Located at Pyrmont in Sydney, the company is looking to fill 38 positions within a number of departments.

At the time of publication there was one position available in the "business operations and development" category on its website, 19 in "advertising sales, operations and enterprise", 12 in "engineering operations", two in "human resources" and four in "software engineering". All positions can be applied for online.

In March last year, the company cut 15 staff from its operations in Australia and New Zealand as part of a global pull-back.

At the time, Google had also closed its Melbourne office as it began focusing its efforts on its head office in Sydney, with most staff located in the new Pyrmont building shared with technology consultancy Accenture. The spokesperson said today that "many" of the 15 it cut in March were "able to find other roles in the business".

The Sydney office employed around 200 staff as at mid-2008. As of today the Australian office houses 350.

The Australian spokesperson added that the company was hiring last year, albeit at a "slower pace" than now. "As a company globally, we're looking to hire thousands this year," the spokesperson said.

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  • Headline should be, "Google steals developers from needy web agencies"

    It's difficult enough to find good talent these days.
  • define talent

    I think that a lot of good developers are cut at the interview by managers and fellow developers because they are too concern with their home grown selection criteria. It is like trying to find perfect partner online.
    My advise - relax your selection criteria, look for un-ordinary answers (remember saying: ther are two ways to do things - the most people do and the right way). Get people for short contract and after 1 month make up your mind.
  • blah blah VALERA

    dont tell people how to do there jobb. Im sure you couldnt do any better but wait i bet you could as you seem to no alot about nothing so why dont you apply it seems pretty easy even an opinionist like you would clearly make the cut