Google renames productivity apps for Chrome users

Google renames productivity apps for Chrome users

Summary: Now called Docs, Sheets and Slides, the apps can be installed individually from the Chrome Web Store. This will be of particular interest to those buying into Google's latest Chromebook push.


Google's productivity tools have gained new names, and users can now deploy them as apps in the Chrome Web Store.

The Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation tools — rivals to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint respectively — originally went under the Google Docs banner, before that got folded into Google Drive in April. Now, according to a Google Drive post on Tuesday, they are called Docs, Sheets and Slides.

The renaming came alongside the release of Docs, Sheets and Slides as individual Chrome Web Store apps.

For those running Chrome on a standard PC, there is no difference between installing those apps and simply bookmarking them within the browser.

However, the store comes into its own for those using a Chromebook, which runs Chrome OS. That operating system is effectively the Chrome browser, and having the apps available on an individual basis gives users a more familiar, arguably PC-like experience.

Just last week, Google renewed its Chromebook push by launching a Samsung-made, ARM-based model at a low price point.

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  • Oh who care.....

    Google is copying Microsoft again. This time, they are change application names just like Microsoft. :-)