Google revises Gmail inbox

Google revises Gmail inbox

Summary: Having trouble sorting your Gmail e-mail? Google is introducing a new, automatic way of organizing your mail.


Google announced on May 29th that "Gmail is getting a brand new inbox on desktop and mobile that puts you back in control using simple, easy organization." That's a bit of an overstatement, but Gmail's new cateogories will make it easier for some users to organize their mail.

Google is introducing a new way of automatically sorting your Gmail messages.

Gmail has long enabled users to organize their mail by using labels. With labels you can organize your messages into categories--work, family, to do, read later, jokes, whatever. Google claims that is better than the very similar idea of folders because you can assign multiple labels to a message.

While not getting rid of labels, starting today, Google is enrolling users into an automatic system that places your mail into categories. These categories will appear as tabs on your main Gmail display. The new categories are: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. You cannot add new categories to these default ones at this time.

The Primary category consists of messages from friends, co-workers, family, and anyone else you connect with on a regular basis. As you'd expect from Social's name, all your social network messages -- Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. -- go into it. Messages from companies you buy from, such as Amazon deals and the like, go into Promotions. In the Updates category you should find online statements, and bills. Finally, your mailing list messages will go into Forums.

Don't like the category Gmail picks for a particular correspondent? By moving your messages to the "right" category, Gmail will learn where you want your messages to go.

If you don't care for any if it, Google will let you switch back to your classic Gmail inbox..

This service is being rolled out slowly and it may not be available for you at this time. To see if you can try it out, go to Gmail and open the gear menu, move to the Settings options and select Configure inbox.

The new look Gmail will be available to all desktop, Android and iOS users in the next few weeks.

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  • Google is always on top of things thats why you have to love them

    Go Google.....NUMBER 1
    Over and Out
    • The spammer accounts will love it

      gmail is the new yahoo of spammer accounts
      • Gmail

        Still a spyware to me. No thanks. I'd rather pay a few buck and use a software that doesn't spy on me... or use
        • It's sad about Microsoft

          Microsoft forces their employes to blog for one hour per day. You see them here! Microsoft must know something more damning about Windows than we do. This embarrassing, sad behavior indicates that Microsoft knows that Windows can not compete in todays world of cloud computing and sleek mobile computing.

          I don't feel sorry for them. They always sit back and do nothing while everyone else innovates and when they see something good they pounce... but not this time. They know something about Windows and it's inability to sale to all the different devices we have today. Meaning that if Windows can't scale, it is no good for todays products.

          I believe that Microsoft is foreshadowing it's own death by having these employees of theres act like someone actually likes Windows.
          Tim Jordan
          • No wonder Open Source has so many problems

            The loudmouth supporters are psychotic and paranoid schizophrenic. Quote, "Microsoft forces their employes to blog for one hour per day" (even copied your spelling error)

            At one point I thought you might have a point, but after this moronic, baseless comment, all thoughts of your credibility are completely removed.

            Where do you clowns come up with this garbage? Oh, I forgot, you worship Steven. 'nuff said.
          • Cynical99...thats better than bowing down to the likes of Loverock Davidson

            who post nothing but fan boy dribble all day long on how Metro is the greatest thing since swiss cheese without mention that Metro is for KIDDIES and not for adults on the desk top.....End Of Story.....Period
            Over and Out
          • Neither extreme is better than the other

            Extremists come in all political flavors. None have a grasp on reality. Tim Jordan is just another LoveRock Davidson, but on the Linux side. Neither has a real grasp on reality, and your attitude indicates about the same. Come out of the lunatic asylum and look at reality. You might be happier in life. You may not like Metro, but some apparently do. Statements such as yours indicate complete unwillingness to allow another to have an opinion. Typical
          • and the grasp on reality is?

            We all should be praising Windows and Microsoft? Why?
          • Praising MS?

            I wasn't aware that stating that some people like Metro was praising MS. Merely stating that some do like it. So, again, the Open Source lunatics are out in force, claiming that anyone disagreeing is on Microsoft's payroll

            Which displays more of a lunatic physique? Stating that some like Metro, or claiming that anyone disagreeing with them is a MS employee paid to post here?

            I don't think it takes much to figure out which is more radical and totally off the map of reality, and it's not the Metro statement -
          • Sorry

            ...Nop, not a Microsoft employee. I'm simply guy that want's to protect it's privacy when I am using an online service. Google can't offer that on any of it's service. And by the way I'm a pc... a Windows PC. Work and play and I don't shame or out of touch. I own few Mac also but I always come back to Windows. I am a .Net programmer and SQL server user. I use Visual studio everyday for my living and don't envy anyone else. The I.T sector is big enough for many ecosystems. So it's fine that there are other OS and systems. I just wish Google was smaller, less dominant. Like they were 5 years ago.
          • but we knew that

            We knew from the start that this toy OS "Windows" is not going to be stable, so we based out computing business on something else. No news here.

            If Microsoft just discovered this, good for them and of course bad for their faithful customers. But, customers always have choice.
    • Yep, Love 'em, NOT

      Love 'em being on top of everyone's personal business.

      Wow unbelievable level of ignorance.
      • PS Patrickgood1 no level of ignorance here when you know what your doing

        I'll take Google over Microsoft any day.....Period
        Over and Out
        • Gmail vs., I Choose None of the Above

          There is NO WAY I'd use any online service for email.

          when debating Gmail vs., you can only argue who is worse, they both suck. They both harvest personal information.

          Google may be worse. I think former CIA Director David Petraeus would agree.

          Thunderbird Client with a POP3 on my own dedicated server where the ISP has no access. Only I have the ROOT password. Secure webmail with choice of Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail, is there if ever needed.

          I have a licenses for Outlook Clients, but do not use it. Mozilla Thunderbird has worked fine for many years.
          • agreed

            My personal preference is IMAP. I have my very own IMAP server, that holds my email. Accessible from any device. No need for webmail...

            I found out storing mail locally on your computer is not very smart...
        • If You held a Gun to My Head, I'd Pick MS Over Google

          More likely let you pull the trigger.
  • More UI churn... for what?

    More UI churn. I hope this makes more sense than some of the previous moves they've made. It drives my users nuts when things move around for no apparent reason on a dynamic basis (there's nothing 'smart' about a UI that is constantly changing -- the corporate types seem to think it's 'clever' -- but usability studies are clear on the foolishness of some of these strategies).

    I think I hear my phone ringing now...
  • Google revises Gmail inbox

    Since Google employees spy on your email anyway wouldn't it just be easier for them to organize it? Its not like they have anything better to do since they are peeking into the emails anyway.
    • anyone who works

      Needs folders. The Outlook search capabilities within and over folders saves me hours a week in trying to find the right email from the right person at the right time on the right topic. Simplicity defined.

      Google email threading, arcane search syntax and terribly less productive approaches to flag and categorize would drive me out of business.

  • I like this

    It hasn't rolled out to me yet apparently, but it looks really nice.
    Michael Alan Goff