Google, Samsung 'express concern' over Microsoft-Nokia deal: report

Google, Samsung 'express concern' over Microsoft-Nokia deal: report

Summary: Google and Samsung are reportedly concerned patent licensing fees may increase should the software giant acquire the Finnish phone maker's devices and services unit.

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Google and Samsung have reportedly joined Chinese phone makers Huawei and ZTE in "expressing concern" to China's state regulators that the Microsoft-Nokia deal may result in higher patent licensing fees.

The Microsoft-Nokia Deal

ZDNet's coverage of the Microsoft-Nokia deal

On September 2, 2013, Microsoft announced that it was buying out Nokia’s devices business for $7.2 billion. ZDNet has this story covered from virtually every angle and from perspectives across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg, citing two government officials familiar with negotiations.

According to the report, both Google and Samsung asked China's Ministry of Commerce to ensure the transaction would not lead to higher fees, particularly in wireless technologies, where such patents remain highly competitive and sought after.

There is also concern Microsoft may get a boost in the smartphone market and could abuse its patent position, the government officials were reported as saying.

Microsoft has faced the brunt of the European Union in recent years over antitrust concerns, but passed the Nokia deal without a fuss. The Brussels-based bureaucrats did, however, say it would monitor Nokia's licensing practices following the deal's close.

Regulators in the U.S., Europe, and India, despite a $340 million tax bill, have already cleared the deal. Russia, Israel and Turkey have already reportedly followed suit.

China has not yet publicly cleared the deal.

A Microsoft spokesperson previously told ZDNet on the phone that it was further regulators would have to accept the terms of the deal, though did not state which states were still to sign off.

Topics: Microsoft, Nokia

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  • What does Google care?

    They don't pay licensing fees. They just use whatever they want and tell the OEMs to use at your own risk.
  • Gosh

    Perhaps Google is worried that Microsoft might be as evil as Google so clearly was in continuing Motorola's efforts to extract ludicrously high fees for standards-essential patents.

    Samsung, of course, has a lot of respect for patents and would surely never end up fighting dozens of court cases....
    Jack Schofield
    • Perhaps ⇒ Clearly

      Perhaps - /pərˈ(h)aps/ used to express uncertainty or possibility

      Uncertain - /ˌənˈsərtn/ not exactly known

      Possibility - /ˌpäsəˈbilətē/ a thing that has the ability to happen

      So, if something has the ability to happen or it is not exactly known whether it happened, therefore it did happen? That's bull, I had the ability to go jogging this morning and you have no idea whether I went jogging this morning so therefor I did go jogging?
      Tim Jordan
      • So you agree that Google is 100% in the wrong here, Tim?

        I mean, why are they worried about MS's enforcement of patents as apparently the non MS Nokia holds them?

        What is likely -

        like·ly adjective \ˈlī-klē\

        —used to indicate the chance that something will happen

        : seeming to be true

        : seeming to be right or suited for a purpose

        is that Google sees the handset purchase by MS as a threat, especially the high likelihood that Lenovo got the same patent deal from Google that MS got from Nokia, and that levels a lot of playing fields, which apparently

        "ap·par·ent·ly adverb \-lē\

        —used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known"

        Google is having to become accustomed to.
    • Googorola

      is okay, but Microkia is bad? Is that how it goes Google?

      Samsung as a Windows Phone licensee could have some comeback, but Google can't really object.

      Also, the telecoms related patents stay with Nokia, MS just has the rights to use them (i.e. bought a licence). Of course, there are the FAT licences that Microsoft asks for. But MS already earns more from Android licensees than it does from Windows Phone licensees.

      And what position can MS abuse in the mobile market? With Nokia they would have less than a 10% share of the market. Google has much more than that with all Android sales and Samsung is the largest phone producer on the planet, who are they kidding?
    • Huh?

    • Microsoft Evil? Google Evil?

      Have we all forgotten the history of Microsoft so quickly? yes this isn't your father's Microsoft but I must remind you of an old proverb, 'those who forget history are bound to repeat it.'
      Hyperbole aside I think the evil word is a bit over used. (If you are a bit queasy look away now.)
      Evil is concentration camps and "ethnic cleansing", Evil is the guy who kidnaps and enslaves young women and abuses them; Evil is forcing young boys to go to war and do heinous acts on innocent girls and women.
      I am glad that you live in a time and a place where your lives are so protected that your concept of evil can include, using your search terms to provide advertisers a targeted audience, as "evil."
    • ummm Microsoft is guilty... google was cleared.

      Microsoft is guilty of evil practices...
      Twice in fact.

      Microsoft has tried really really hard to get google tarred with the same brush and failing.

      Let's remember who was convicted here shall we?
      • Okay but..

        Google is not nearly as big of a company or monopoly as Msoft was during the Gates era stock wise. Google is however guilty of just as many bad business practices as Msoft used to be, not so today, but they are riding that thin line between what they can get away with and what not. The courts are also somewhat taking a side with them on settling on what changes have to be made without having to tell the public which changes those are except in France. Basically, what it comes down to, is Google is getting away with a lot more than we know of, but most people including myself have known this for years especially since the shift to Android, they threw all morals out the window and stabbed the company that made them huge in the back at the same time.
      • Google *does* have a record

        Google *has* been found guilty of breaching laws (usually privacy laws) and has been fined and told to change its plans in several countries.
  • This is complete non-sense

    If Microsoft tries to abuse the patents, Google, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE can take Microsoft to court just like companies have taken Google to court for the same thing.

    That potential issue has nothing to do with the Nokia / Microsoft deal. Microsoft could try to abuse the patents anyway. So, could Nokia.
  • China should just accept the deal...

    So that I can finally get closure.
  • Block Gincon, PLEASE!

    Why don't these sites block these idiot posters?
  • Microsoft, a devious and oppressive monopoly unto itself.

    While neither Microsoft, Samsung nor Google (or Apple) have clean hands in regard to probable unsavory business practices, it is only Microsoft that has the world's record - even surpassing IBM - for despicable Anti-Trust violations and other proven illegal and draconian actions while taking a "sh--t on you" attitude towards those jurisdictions that have found them guilty and sanctioned the company, as they did with the European Union.

    The Microsofties in this and other forums are either blind to or completely ignorant and simple-minded about such asinine practices of Microsoft, like their blatant attempt - via 100+ lobbyists in Washington, D.C - in getting US State Department to object, without any factual merit, to European Union (27 countries), South Korea, New Zealand and at least 3 other governments about punishing a "respected and admired American firm" (sic).

    How completely idiotic, falsely self righteous and stupid is that!
  • Double-take

    I guess I'm completely out of the loop.
    I thought Microsoft ALREADY owned most of Nokia (and there were even rumors that they were trying to unload it?). I guess I missed something.
  • An absolute monopoly is complaining ?

    About Microsoft with it`s miniscule at present market share ????
    Sounds like Google/Samsung are scared of or don`t want any competition.
  • funny.

    Microsoft already makes more money threatening to sue android makers over patents they have not really revealed... The only time it was to be challenged in court was the BandN bookstore who were planing to fight to the end... Once micorosft realized that, they entered an agreement that earned barns and noble 320 ish million I believe and got microsoft out of the court case... Funny that. I wish Google would fund another non microsoft licensee to fight them.. Someone that won't be bought off and someone that doesn't rely on microsoft desktop software. Then we might see some closure and get rid of some useless software parents.
  • Writting on the wall

    It's obvious that they see how finite their monopoly is. It's only a matter of time, win8 is the future.
  • Google, Samsung What a Joke

    These jerks have a lot of nerve even opening their foul mouths about anyone else. Google = 85 Million fine for unleashing malware into Macs circumventing security settings of users without their knowledge. Google Play doesn't /did not vet uploaded apps to the store, unleashing an 80% worldwide viral infection rate in Android phones, indexes private emails of gmail users and publishes the links for the public, gmail scans your emails for more than viruses, how about anything that can be used to sell you something, Google Wave and Buzz both throw open the privacy settings to let the world into your private groups and read everything... Samsung, a company that can't even do anything without stealing from others. I'm an MS person by default, with Apple tendencies, never ever ever Android or anything google. I can't trust a company that didnt even vet apps. If anyone ever acts on these compromised handsets in force, it will make the Target credit card breach look microscopic in size. These two nasty companies have anything to say about anything? These 2 companies with over 80% of the smartphone market? Sounds like they want to go in for the kill because they hoped WinPhone and Nokia would be out of the way by now huh? I wish the public would wake up and buy responsible products and ditch these two low life companies.