Google services back up - report

Google services back up - report

Summary: Google Apps, Gmail and Google Drive were hit with service disruptions.


UPDATE: Following a service disruption earlier today that took down Google Drive, Google Apps, and Gmail, all three appear to be back in business according to CNET. Google's Apps Status Dashboard page shows all three as accessible, with comments that the problems should be resolved.

Google Apps email, Gmail and Google Drive are all suffering from service disruptions on Wednesday.

Twitter lit up with people complaining about various Google services being down. At CBS Interactive, where we run Google Apps, the search giant's services also turned up a server error.

According to Google's status page, Google Mail and Google Drive are having service disruptions.


Service appeared to be bouncing back somewhat. For instance, Google Apps was able to deliver email for me, but the calendar was unavailable. The return time wasn't encouraging. 



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  • Google services go down, access spotty

    And no one is surprised. I wonder if they had to run into the game room at Google HQ and tell someone to stop playing the PS3 to go fix it. It also shows a valuable lesson not to depend on Google apps for your business.
    • We use Gmail and Drive for our business...

      ...and they were down for about ten minutes. Hardly a disaster.
      • Longer outage here

        My company uses Google crap, and we were down for several hours.
        • Gotta love "the cloud".

          Give access to all your data to strangers that you hope were vetted by someone you don't know. Let them hold your data, manage it, and retain it for god knows how long. And if they lose it? Ooops.. So solly. And occasionally, you get to suffer the outages that you have zero control over... Yup, the cloud is the future... Lets all embrace the mean cloud. Cus when a business is audited, the law will give you a free pass for data that your cloud vendor lost.
    • Windows fanboy Lovefrock

      Dude, Microsoft have had several cloud outages.. guess we shouldn't rely on them either huh?

      dude, take your money and run.. you have no cred here anymore.
  • I can still get my email...

    ..oh wait.. that's because we use our own in-house email system, and not a cloud-based one... bad.
    • Cloud fail.

      Rain drops keep fallin on my head....
    • Google Apps outage

      I couldn't access my Google Apps domain from my PC, but my mail, calendar, etc were all available on my Android phone. So I continued to receive mail, I (probably could have) sent mail, was able to look at my calendar, etc. So the front end servers seemed to go down, not all of them. In my case, it was out less than 2 hours.
    • Offline

      This is why everyone enables offline support. We still had access to e-mail, calendar, and docs. Actually, we weren't affected by the outage at all, but it wouldn't have mattered.
  • Strange

    This must be regional, Gmail, Drive, and the Docs suite all work for me, and have been all morning.
  • This is a surprise?

    Asl any cloud vendor for a service level agreement, if you get one it basically says "we aren't responsible for your business or data" The cloud is not fault tolerant, in fact it can actually be less reliable than conventional systems since there are more things that can go wrong.

    Fault tolerance was well understood over 30 years ago, but it is amazing these days to see people (including analysts) deny that it ever existed. Twenty years ago, it was quite reasonable to go to a number of vendors and get a contract that said the total downtime (sheduled or unsceduled) was 3 minutes in a year. Now we have the claims that the cluster or cloud is 99.999% reliable with fine print that says for the OS only and when you agree that taking the system down every week for maintenance is not to be considered an outage!!!!
  • Afterthought

    According to Google:
    1) The issues were resolved by 11:00 AM EDT
    2) "0.007%" of gmail users were affected.

    In our organization, anybody who was logged in via the web before 8:15 or so was not affected - all services seemed to work fine, but IMAP did not work, and anyone who tried to get in after around 8:15 was down until around 10:40 or so.

    So yes, it would be nice if Google would make the offline functions more robust, but this setup in terms of cost, reliability, features, and lack of headaches is way better than when we did all this silliness ourselves.
  • It only affected a few services

    Whilst we could log into web based email, imap was down for a few hours.

    Still a very reliable service over the last few years.
  • Not even close....

    60% of Google services were having problems at one point. The image show in this article is old. Only services not affecter were Postini, Calendar, Sites, drawing, Video for business and Talk - mostly "lesser" services.
    To be down around 2 hours ain't good. Various sites reported problems at around 8am and yet the status page [] shows it happened around 9pm.
    Wonder if Google is "cooking the books".
    • 60%? Wow, that's a lot of Android bricks for a couple of hours.

  • Oh.

    I was about to say that i hadn't noticed any outages ... and then i realised that at 0917 EDT i was still peacefully in my bed, dreaming of a world where Windows 8 is just a bad dream...
  • Gmail on "some" addresses stopped this morning in the UK.

    One has only just reactivated at 1 am...

    No warning out to say trying to fix things, just an address which refuses to accept a demanded password every sixty seconds...
    dumb blonde