Google services go down; Internet panics

Google services go down; Internet panics

Summary: Time to go home?


For anyone around a computer still at 3:55PM PT on this summer Friday afternoon, one might have noticed that Google services experienced a major outage.

That includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar -- basically every cloud-based app that one needs to work and maybe even function as a human being these days.

Naturally, the Internet panicked.

And then everything was back to normal in less than two minutes.

Being the usual go-to place when things online get rough, many people turned to Twitter to find out if they were alone in this mess or not and then express their frustrations -- either actual or tongue-in-cheek.

Here is a snapshot of some of the exceptional responses that emerged within seconds of the crash of 2013, courtesy of the technorati:

Topics: Networking, Cloud, Google, Mobility, Google Apps

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  • Gmail on Imap

    is working for me, no outages with my both of my accounts. I guess, this is a regional issue.
  • Google services go down; Internet comics arrivve

    The only Zdnet comics that haven't showed up are Loverock Davidson, toddbottom3 & OWLLLLLLLLLLnet who would have thunk that trio would miss a party.
    Over and Out
    • PS I was on at 4:10 and all my G-Mail was right where

      it should be.

      End Of Story
      Over and Out
    • Didn't need them...

      you have been providing plenty of comic relief! Court jester, I crown thee.
  • google went down and all 8 of their users panicked

    Seriously google could go down for a year and I wouldn't notice. Bing has better search and maps, and outlook is better email.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Bing is worthless

      See Verizon users have it, and if you have noticed Verizon has started to lose customers.

      There are many searches Bing can't even provide.

      Though if you like it, use it. We will use something that does work. Google.
  • Hey Ed MS can't even do a decent DDos !

    Google's robust Linux based system easily recovers within 120 seconds. MS can only look on and dream that their mail system was anywhere near as robust.
    Alan Smithie
    • Ed's humor went right over your head didn't it!

      Now, let's just say "Operation Takedown" was indeed robust are Google's
      services if a banned and blocked third party phone app took out their system?
      Perhaps that short downtime was just long enough for the NSA to install the backdoor
      into Google's services? Hmmmm...
      • Reality Distortion Field Alert !

        Nope, Ed probably tweeted in the first 60s not realising how quickly it came back up. If you actually read the article:

        "Here is a snapshot of some of the exceptional responses that emerged within seconds of the crash"

        There was no ironic humor there, Ed isn't that witty.
        Alan Smithie
        • can't be true

          Do you imply that Ed Bott, the Microsoft evangelist is actually using Google services? How gross...
        • It's just a joke

          He really doesn't think that it was part of any operation.

          Of course, you're using any opportunity to bash Microsoft so... doesn't matter what the truth is.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • I would agree that these anti-MS trolls are an unintelligent lot

            as once they realized that it was a joke on Ed Bott's part, they start a retreat that only made the situation worse for themselves.
            John Zern
  • Missing the point

    I am amused by most of the comments here. Bash Google, bash Microsoft, insult journalists, it never seems to end.

    The thing that most of them appear to have missed is that if you do all your work in the cloud the cloud has to be there to work. You have no control over its' health or status, not to mention random Feds poking around where they have no right to be.

    If the portability and accessibility are worth more than the risk of an outage then feel free, but quit bitchin' about it when it fails.

    Even then you need to keep local backups of important stuff.
  • So long Google, Say hello to Bing

    Nothing will be missed if Google is dead for good.
    • You get Scroogled with Bing

      Use unproductive Bing while this who use Google stream over you.

      When you use Bing you are being Scroogled
      • State 3 ways

        That google makes you more productive ?? .. Discuss.
  • a form of insanity

    To put any form of trust into "the cloud" or into Google for that matter !!! I don't think half a dozen tweets is really the Internet panicking !!! Do you ?

    "Lets put many, many more points of failure between you and your data/productivity that will make things better !!!"
  • Funny that?

    Not everyone use's just Google you know?
    I only use 2 Google items, mainly use MS account which hasn't let me down YET!
    (Not saying it won't, just saying it hasn't yet)
  • Google Down ???

    Use other internet apps. DONE !!! Google just another big internet apps for now, in next 10 year .... nah !!!