Google sets smartwatches with Android Wear OS (photos)

Google sets smartwatches with Android Wear OS (photos)

Summary: Google says it's developing a talking smartwatch as the challenge for its Android Wear operating system for wearable devices. Plus, Google shows off a new feature for sports fans on Google Glass.

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  • Google announced it is taking the next step in its quest to mainstream wearable technology with its new Android Wear operating system. The first product is set to be a smartwatch that will be designed to show information and suggestions; give answers to spoken questions; provide heath and fitness information; and let you access and control other devices.  Plus, it will feature automatic updates for Facebook, chats or news. And yes, it tells time.

    Intel, Samsung, Fossil, HTC, Motorola and LG among others have formed an ecosystem to aid in the development of Android Wear. It's scheduled to appear "later this year."

    Google is encouraging developers to download a preview of Android Wear to let them keep track of existing app notifications for watches using the operating system.

    Google's real goal for Android Wear is cloud computing and data delivery. Android Wear is just another way to target consumers to Google's services. And ZDNet's Larry Dignan says Google is likely to pull it off.

    Image: Google's round watch gives information such as the weather. Credit: Google

  • Health tracker

    Google's new smartwatch will also come in a square model. Google says one of the main features of its smartwatches will be to track your health.

    Source: Google

Topics: Mobility, Google

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