Google takes Quickoffice free, eyes Microsoft Office defense

Google takes Quickoffice free, eyes Microsoft Office defense

Summary: Google is trying to scale mobile document editing on its products, get folks using Quickoffice and Google Drive and keep Microsoft Office at bay.

quickoffice on Android

Google is used to using the right price---like free---as a weapon to gain market share and now is planning to use a well-worn playbook with Quickoffice to surround Microsoft's mobile Office ambitions.

In a blog post, Google said it will make its Quickoffice free anyone with a Google Account on Android and Apple's iOS platform. In April, Google made Quickoffice free for Google Apps for Business customers.

Google is trying to scale mobile document editing where it has market share, get folks using Quickoffice and Google Drive and keep Microsoft Office at bay.

In recent months, Microsoft has started to launch Office on Android and iOS and tied the apps to Office 365 accounts. However, Microsoft still wants the best Office experience to reside on the software giant's platform and devices. In many respects, Microsoft is positioning Office as way to protect Windows.

With the Quickoffice freebie, Google appears to be playing more offense because it doesn't have much to lose.

Topics: Mobility, Collaboration, Enterprise Software

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  • Office Home and Student

    I've read that Microsoft now allows manufacturers to include a full install of Office Home & Student on any device with a screen of 10.1" or less. Can anyone confirm this?
    • Yes. Check Asus 8" Windows 8 tablet

      you will see Office 2013 Home and student edition included.
      Ram U
  • But

    You can't use it to edit google documents and spreadsheets. Someday I will be able to store google docs and spreadsheets so that I can access them offline with a tool that DOESN'T suck on my tablet.
    • I know

      it's sort of totally ridiculous that the support for Google's own document formats are so badly supported on Google's own mobile platform.
  • Google's hitlist: Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo...

    ...and now all they have to do is go after Amazon. I support Google all the way to the bank!
  • needs error bars

    absolutely useless to me without the ability to add error bars to charts & graphs
  • Google takes Quickoffice free, eyes Microsoft Office defense

    This has nothing to do with Microsoft Office. They are just using Microsoft's name as a cover when all they really want to do is mine your data. You put your info into those documents, Google will be happy to scan them for you and sell your information. You don't see a dime of that money. I'll continue using the leader in office suites which is Microsoft Office.
    • unless...

      unless you're paying for Google apps, then Google doesn't do that.
  • I believe office is the main dangerous for Microsoft

    While I have few doubts that is the best software of the kind, if average people find taht there are good enough free software for doing the same, it can bring some (big) disruption to MS business.
    I'm sure MS is aware of that and is rapidly improving their online offerings (among other things).
  • thoughts

    "Google is used to using the right price---like free . . ."

    Well, free isn't always the right price. There's nothing inherently wrong with paying for something, and paying for stuff is how economics works. In fact, there's a big tradeoff to free products: You're "the product." They're not really selling something to you: They're selling you to their advertisers.

    So yes - there are cases in which I'd rather not be the product. "Free" is not always the right price.
  • I wish MS Office would just go away already

    It's just another Microsoft product that has held back real improvement in office software thanks to its long outdated, proprietary rubbish code that nevertheless became a corporate standard thanks to Microsoft's heavy-handed monopolistic ways from its badder days. Outlook has gone from being a sluggish bugfest to just being sad, Word decreases productivity with every new version, Powerpoint *does* make you stupid, and Office's best component, Excel, still sucks in the greater scheme of things, especially when it's misused as a database manager. Die, Office, die.
    • I doubt it's because of productivity

      You probably wish Office would die more out of a religious dislike of Microsoft.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • No

        To *really* know Microsoft's products is to despise them on their own merits (or lack thereof.) To *really* know Microsoft's current and past business practices is to despise the company as a separate matter.
        • Weird

          Because I'm actually -more- productive with Office 2013 than I was with 2003. It's because of the ribbon. I don't have to go scouring through menus. I just make it to where my most used things are front and center, click, and continue with my work.

          I'm sure you'll elaborate, though.
          Michael Alan Goff
      • No, I dislike MS products because I code in them

        ...and the inconsistent behaviour - behaviour I've had to code around - if beyond frustrating. For example (tiny example, but still) that whole mm/dd/yyyy nationalistic myopic insistence on date format is virtually impossible to eradicate... it will reset itself to that ludicrous format (month/DAY/year ?? REALLY?? Why?!?) whenever it feels like it - the code will run fine one time and spit the dummy the next.

        MS creates rubbish products. Inconsistent behaviour in a product defines a poorly designed product.
    • Unfortunately, when it's all an IT dept lets you have...

      "Excel, still sucks in the greater scheme of things, especially when it's misused as a database manager"

      ...and yes, it sucks. HUGE. The VBA code I've had to write to get around Excel's lack of SQL support... gone from grey to white. :(
  • kandy

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  • QuickOffice is OK, but needs improvement

    I downloaded it to give it a go.

    It works, but I thought it could be improved a lot, especially its integration with Google Drive. It also needs to widen the types of documents it can handle (it needs ODF).